The most compelling theories about June's fate in the season finale of The Handmaid's Tale.

There’s only one episode left of The Handmaid’s Tale season two.

And as we’ve learnt from the last 11 soul-destroying episodes, anything could happen in those 50 or so minutes.

Gilead could come crashing down.

June could escape to Canada.

June and Nick could run away and start a new life together with their baby.

Emily could blow the whole goddamn place up.

What happens in the finale episode, which drops on SBS On Demand on Thursday in Australia, will likely guide the way for the rest of the series.

So, of course, fans have been coming up with their own lil’ theories.

Here’s some of the best:

Theory 1: June escapes to Canada

The most optimistic fans among us still hold out hope that June could escape Gilead and make it to Canada in the season finale.

This would mean June would have to leave her two daughters behind and that the show would have to shift its focus to Canada in the third season.

Reddit user birdienumnumms believes season three will follow June in Canada, as she tries to bring Hannah and Holly and Nick to safety.

“After having met with [sic] Hanna, and found that she still loves and wants her real mommy, and also, that she seems to be relatively safe and relatively happy with her new family, it would be repetitive/boring if June got caught again,” she writes.

“So I think she might escape and that season three will focus on her efforts from Canada to get [sic] Hanna out and overthrow the Gilead regime.”

Theory 2: June is transferred to Commander Lawrence’s house

In the last episode we were introduced to the enigmatic Commander Lawrence, played by Bradley Whitford, when Emily was transferred to his house as a handmaid.


Another Redditor believes June could also be transferred Commander Lawrence’s house where she would join the Resistance.

“I would love to see June sent to live with another commander (preferably Lawrence, if the spoilers about him are true) and join the resistance. Leaving Fred behind in the dust to slowly climbs the walls, losing what’s left of his tiny mind,” Reddit user Skyward8344.

“And Serena? What has she got left to lose? If the spoilers are true, she’s got nothing. What if she finally joins the Resistance? She may not care about the other women, but she definitely cares about herself, and I think she may finally have hit rock bottom.”

Theory 3: Everyone will join the Resistance

Some fans believe that Serena Joy, Aunt Lydia and Rita will join the Resistance with June.

“I think Serena is definitely going to join the Resistance and Fred will somehow find out… If Serena, June, Rita and Aunt Lydia join forces they could bring Gilead down,” writes Reddit user BeautifulFreedom.

Some even believe Rita is an American spy who is working to bring down the regime from within.

Theory 4: There might be a time jump in season three

Pretty much everyone agrees that season three will involve some kind of time hop.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the show runner Bruce Miller explained the book actually covers a span of 200 years.

“The book starts, then jumps 200 years with an academic discussion at the end of it, about what’s happened in those intervening 200 years,” he explained.

So the series could jump 20 years in the future where Gilead is even more terrifying, or even jump a few years in the past to explore a world where Gilead is just forming.

Do you have any other fan theories? Share them in the comments section below.