FLUFF: One of the coaches from The Voice has slammed the show for being a fake.

The Voice Australia coaches.

Our love affair with reality television goes a little something like our belief in Santa Claus. We know it’s fake, we do. Yet we can’t help but believe in it.

Alas, the super producer and coach of The Voice Australia, Will.I.Am, has come out and crushed our dreams by saying the show — now in its third season — won’t be picking a winner based on his or her voice alone.

Wait, what?

Yep, that’s right. The Voice, a show that markets itself as a program focusing on talent rather than looks, will apparently have a winner that has a great emotional sob story to back them up, at least that’s what Will.I.Am thinks.

The music producer and coach who, let’s face it,  provides most of the show’s entertainment says he wanted to come on the show to find artists, but he’s now learning the television industry doesn’t work that way. Sorry Will.

Will.I.Am is my new favourite part of The Voice.

Speaking to News Corp’s Switched On, Will.I.Am said, “I noticed very few people who join these competitions come out to actually have careers.”

That’s true. Karise Eden, anyone? Harrison Craig? Where are they now?

“It’s typical TV. They rarely vote for the person with the best voice. It isn’t really the best voice that wins, even though the show is called The Voice,” Will.I.Am continued.

“There is something sentimental, tugging on emotion, or people gravitate to that (artist’s) personality that factors in on why someone wins.”

Now we know we’re not the only ones who can’t stand the sob stories that take up so much of the show’s 1.5 hour run time (which isn’t long enough, if you ask us). So who are these people he speaks of that vote for singers based on emotion?

And how do we steal their phones so they can’t vote?

Will.I.Am’s comments are just the latest installment of what we like to call “The Voicetroversy”, aka controversy surrounding The Voice. From poor editing decisions to not telling the audience where a contestant’s outfit is from, it seems our favourite show might need to step up its game before it goes into the live shows.

Are you watching The Voice this season?