Bachelor Will has released a nightmare-inducing clown video.

We hope Sam Frost’s not scared of clowns.

We knew The Bachelorette contestant Will Ferrier had a musical streak. He did, after all, try to woo Sam Frost with “a masterpiece of the musical variety” in the show’s very first episode.

Will from The Bachelorette
Will attempted to woo The Bachelorette Sam in episode one. Let’s hope she likes carnival music as much as sweet acoustic ditties. (Screenshot: TEN)

We just didn’t realise his fondness for an occasional “ditty” extended to these… erm, dramatic lengths.

A bizarre video has surfaced of 31-year-old Ferrier, who’s already earned a reputation as the Channel 10 series’ most eccentric contestant, eerily dancing to a clown-like tune.

In the video, which was released under his stage name Will Stoker, the barista/musician/performer appears bare-chested and covered in white paint.

He grins maniacally at the camera and at one point produces a wooden cane that he seems to sniff.

According to the YouTube video credits, Ferrier composed the music himself.

Post continues after video:

Video via William Ferrier

Ferrier made the film installation back in 2011 and published it onto YouTube in January last year — so he probably wasn’t planning on future love interest Frost ever seeing the offbeat work of art.

Will from The Bachelorette
Will’s face is covered in white paint in the video. (YouTube)

We just hope that if she does, she’s not the type to get nightmares.

Will from The Bachelorette
A screenshot from the unusual video. (YouTube)

Sweet dreams.

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