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Will and Steve won My Kitchen Rules in 2015. This is what their lives look like now.

In 2015, former bankers and My Kitchen Rules contestants Steve and Will didn’t just win Australia’s hearts with their charismatic and cheeky personalities, they also won the cooking competition crown.

Four years later, the best friends have continued their food dreams with their signature dish of humour.

Talking to Mamamia, Will and Steve remember their experience on the Channel 7 television show as “tough and stressful,” but nevertheless a “phenomenal” event in both their lives, that changed the course of the their careers forever.

Before the show, the pair moved to Sydney from London to work in different departments of the same bank, but didn’t know each other. One thing led to another, they recall, and they became acquaintances before Steve got Will involved in his football team and their friendship was born.

“We shared an interest in food,” Will remembers. “I loved eating food and Steve loved cooking food so it’s a pretty good combination,” he laughs.

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Steve applied for My Kitchen Rules on behalf of the pair, without Will’s knowledge.

“My aspirations at that time was to move into the food industry and do something that harnessed my passion for cooking,” Steve comments. “I came into contact with a producer from Channel 7 at a food festival and they sold it to me as a great opportunity to take a step in the right direction.”

And for Will, the timing was serendipitous, after being made redundant at the end of 2013 and being in between jobs when Channel 7 came calling.

“From my perspective, it opened my eyes to other alternatives, because I was very much somebody that if I’m in a job, I think I have to stay focused on that one thing and not move outside of my comfort zone.

“But what I’ve actually learnt is that by going on reality TV, it’s opened these other doors but it’s also given me a confidence that I can try new things.”


Indeed, since MKR, the two have continued their passion and spearheaded a successful business, Gourmet Pommies.

“Since MKR, we went and did some work for ‘Butcher and the Farmer‘ at Tramsheds and we managed to turn that business around and started making a profit,” Will says. “And they’ve asked us actually to open a whole load of other branches of Butcher and the Farmer, so we’ve just opened the second one in Meadowbank which is going well.”

“I think the show was a great stepping stone for the future but in life, lots of doors open, you still have to walk through it and then turn one opportunity into another and another,” Steve adds. “Fortunately for Will and I, we went from strength to strength and really built something tangible for ourselves.”

Will continues: “I think there’s an illusion that you just go on reality television and everything just falls into your lap with offers of work and money, and that’s just not the case.”

Will believes their success has come from their persistence and “never-give-up” attitude. Plus, as they showcased on MKR, they try to always have fun with their work.

“We enjoy working together, and I think that helps a lot. You have to play to your strengths, as well. Steve is very naturally gifted with food; he’s very creative. And I can do as I’m told,” he jokes.

“I will always love working with Will,” Steve adds. “He is a great guy and he’s been a tremendous supporter of me over the years. I thank him for sticking with me for so long and helping me to fulfil my dreams.”


At the moment the pair are working together a little less as Will is taking time away to go travelling around the world with his wife.


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Exploring San Francisco with my favourite person today. Took the cable car to Lombard Street- so excited to be here!!

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“I have two more projects to complete before the end of 2019 – launching our flagship store in Green Square, Sydney and our first store in London at the O2 arena.

“Although I’ll love what I’m about to do and achieve, I’ll be jealous of the fun he will be having!” Steve says.

Will also mentions that he would love to continue to explore new avenues in his career with the public platform.

“I’d love to do podcasting and things like that, so I’m thinking of possibly exploring opportunities down the charity side of things.”

The duo are also both ambassadors for R U OK day. “I’ve had a lot of history with mental health issues,” Will tells Mamamia. 

His sister-in-law died by suicide three years ago, and he has also had his own experience with anxiety and depression.

“I need to be doing something,” Will recalls telling himself. “I need to be leveraging the profile that we’ve been given from being on television to do some good and start raising awareness.”


“I think the initiative is important for everyone,” Steve adds.

“Suicide is awfully common these days and we all need to work together to give our loved ones the support they need to make good decisions when times get tough. Being an ambassador means that we have a responsibility to get key messages out there to people who might know someone who is suffering.”

As for if we’ll ever see them on any reality television show again, Will jokes his dancing skills aren’t quite up to scratch.

“I would maybe go on I’m A Celebrity – I’m not a celebrity, but I could definitely do with shedding a few kilos,” Will laughs.

As for their tips for amateur chefs who were once like them, Steve comments: “Harness your passion, chase whatever it is that excites you and be prepared to work for free with good people who will teach you what you need to know.

“Don’t settle, don’t become comfortable because no one ever learns or develops when they are in a comfort zone. Be resilient, know and accept that you have to go down to come up.”

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