Young guns Will and Karlie won The Block and it appears not everybody is happy about it.

The dust has barely settled on Sunday night’s finale episode of The Block, in which each of the five couples pulled in mouth-watering profits, but fans are refusing to bite their collective lip.

Young couple Will Bethune and Karlie Cicero, both 25, took out the competition after selling their ground-floor apartment for $2,600,000, a cool $715,000 over their reserve.

Posting the highest margin meant the pair – who are engaged and reside in Queensland – received a further $100,000 prize packet from Channel 9.

But a quick scan of the show’s social media pages shows that not everyone is happy about Will and Karlie’s success.

A quick scan of the show's social media pages shows that not everyone is happy about Will and Karlie's success. (Image: Channel 9)

"Well that sucks I didn't want them to win at all," one angry fan shared on The Block's Facebook page. "Please, next year pick better people."

Commenter Joy agreed: "This couple was the last one I wanted to win. [Julia and Sasha] were next, they did nothing except fight and cry."

And another: "Sad these two won. Talk about whinge, whine, whinge."

This season of the marquee show was arguably the most divisive in its 13-year history. Accusations of cheating, including one that resulted with Will and Karlie being fined $500 for using tools after hours, rocked the house.


An incident where Will secretly recorded baby boomers Dan and Carleen using power tools past curfew, before showing the footage to foreman Keith, infuriated viewers further.

Frustrated commenters pointed to these events, one writing: "Shame they had to cheat to win. They didn't deserve to win. Winged all the way. [sic]"

"Happy for these kids, but Will was a bad sport."

"Happy for these kids, but Will was a bad sport." (Image: Channel 9)

Despite the disappointment of some, others were thrilled by the pair's success.

"You try doing what they did at their age and get back to me," wrote Kay. "I think they did extremely well. I loved their apartment and their taste."

Another, Sam, wrote: "Yay! Congrats Will and Karlie, well deserved. Great work to everyone else too, fantastic to see everyone's hard work rewarded."

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