The Friends and Will & Grace "crossover" is even better than we expected.


Pour yourself a martini and get ready for some well-timed zingers.

You see, something goddamn wonderful has just happened.

David Schwimmer, AKA Ross from Friends, has joined the cast of Will & Grace for the sitcom’s 10th season.

In the second season of the show’s reboot (which drops on Stan on Friday afternoon) Schwimmer plays Grace Adler’s new love interest, Noah, AKA the West Side Curmudgeon.

David Schwimmer isn’t the only big name guest star this season…

Noah is an ageing, cynical blogger who takes his disappointment in his own life out on unsuspecting victims on Twitter.

He’s basically Ross Geller, 20 years on, divorced, single, and questioning all the life choices he’s made that have led him to this point.

He’s also Twitter personified.

In the first episode of season 10, Grace meets Noah when he turns up at her event in order to steal some free canapes.

He then mocks her on Twitter, so she tracks him down and confronts him.

Although we don’t know exactly what will happen between Grace and Noah, their little “will they/won’t they” saga is set to play out over several episodes.

It’s kind of like the Friends and Will & Grace crossover of our dreams and we can’t get enough of it.

Will & Grace’s second season will stream exclusive on Stan from October 5, the same day as the US.