This Will and Grace scene proves everyone knew about Harvey Weinstein.

Every now and then the pop culture and current affair gods align to produce a moment that makes you exclaim, “holy cheeseballs, I didn’t see that one coming”.

I had that moment last night while I was watching the latest episode of the Will and Grace reboot on Stan.

Lemme set the scene for you.

Karen, everyone’s favourite martini-drinking Trump-voting millionaire, was talking to her long-time frenemy Beverley Leslie, who fans will know as the staunch Southern Republican who vehemently denies he’s gay while hanging out in gay clubs and cuddling up to his “business associate” Benji.

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It was during this conversation that Karen said something that made me put down the aforementioned cheeseballs and actually rewind the show – just so I could hear it again.

You see, Beverley Leslie had just finished telling Karen that he was – in fact – a “homosexual” when Karen shot back…


“That’s it?” she replies. “What’s your next bombshell? Harvey Weinstein isn’t always a perfect gentleman?”

Yep, the sharpest tongue in comedy just dropped a line that probably would have gone over most people’s heads – including my own – if it had aired just over a month ago.

Given the episodes were filmed at the beginning of the year, before any news of the allegations broke, it says a lot.

Karen – and the writers on Will and Grace – casually dropping this quip into the show is just further proof that everybody f**king knew about Harvey Weinstein and his deplorable history of sexual harassing and sexually abusing young women.

Through her quick-witted, sharp one-liners, Karen Walker often holds a mirror up to society, making us have a long, hard look at ourselves, and this Harvey Weinstein reference was no exception.

I’ll definitely be playing closer attention to Karen’s quips from now on in.

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