Wil Anderson helped an 80-year-old woman get into medical marijuana.

Wil Anderson is one of Australia’s funniest people.

The comedian and Gruen host has a stellar career at home and overseas, two successful podcasts (if you haven’t listened to Wilosophy yet – do) and an all-round funny dude.

But he is in almost constant pain.

He suffers from osteoarthritis in his hips. And uses medical marijuana to cope with the constant aching of joints.

On the latest episode of Meshel Laurie’s Nitty Gritty Committee, Wil spoke about how medicinal marijuana has helped him cope.

You can hear him, and some other very funny people, talk about that, here:

“A huge amount of our population doesn’t sleep properly because their pain wakes them up, or has to manage their pain by either drugs or something else throughout their life.”

“And because it’s chronic pain and it is ongoing, I think that it is one of those things that it’s almost like a hidden pain.” Wil told Meshel.

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Earlier this week actress and TV host Whoopi Goldberg announced she would launch a cannabis-infused line of products aimed at women to help them cope with pain.

“People who have chronic pain are really susceptible to depression. When I was talking about using medicinal marijuana I got this letter from an 80-year-old woman, and she said:

“‘I’ve never really liked you, but now I like you… I have never broken the law in my life, but I have the same thing as you, osteoarthritis in my hips…. (and I thought, ‘Great I have the same hips as an 80-year-old woman’) and she said the only thing that helped her hips was medical marijuana – and she felt so ashamed of it because it’s illegal here and she had to use it – and she was really grateful that I’d spoken about it. ”

“But it was the sign-off of the letter that I loved the most, she goes – ‘and by the way, I’m 80. I’ve never broken the law, I’ve paid taxes all my life and I make biscuits everyday… and I think those biscuits might be cookies. I think they might be medical cookies.”

Nanna baking skills have never been more useful, obviously.

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