Wil Anderson perfectly slays the Daily Telegraph for saying Waleed Aly doesn't deserve a Logie.

Yesterday, the Daily Telegraph kindly took the time to explain to its readers precisely why The Project host, Waleed Aly, should not win the Gold Logie. They had their reasons, six of them in fact.

Well, now Wil Anderson has penned his own helpful little explainer. It’s called “SIX REASONS WHY THIS IS A STUPID ARTICLE”.

The comedian took to his Facebook page this morning to offer a point-by-point take-down of Victoria Hannaford’s piece that, frankly, encapsulates what most of us were thinking.

Take Hannaford’s second argument that there’s “more worthy talent in his field on SBS and ABC.” Take Leigh Sales, for example. There’s no doubting Sales is utterly brilliant, but as Anderson deftly pointed out, that criteria is more than a little flawed: “Hang on,” he writes, “Are you saying that [the] year Alf Stewart won he was the best actor around?”

Things get progressively more brutal from then on.

According to the original article, Waleed's viral "ISIS is weak" segment was "editorialising terrorism" and demonstrated his bias. Wil's response? "Aly's biased. Yep, against ISIS. I assume this means you are saying The Daily Telegraph is pro-ISIS. Controversial." We'll just leave that one there.

Perhaps the most cutting blow was left until last, though. Argument six addressed Hannaford's point that Waleed is not on social media. It reads: "I guess that's why you're lucky he won't respond to this stupid article #GoWaleed"

Perhaps that should be #GoWil.

Another reason why Waleed deserves the gold?

Video via mUmBRELLA