The first photo of Wiggles Emma and Lachy's amazing wedding cake.

The Wiggly wedding cake of Emma Watkins and Lachy Gillespie has been revealed.

Sitting in four-tiers of perfectly white cylinders, the cake hints at both a shared past and promised future.

Delicately painted flowers fell in violet trickles down from the top tier, ending in a gentle finish beside a daffodil yellow bow.

The design bore gentle traces of their wiggly history with the iconic bow of Emma as well as the two colours (yellow and purple) that adorn their chests.

The cake was supplied by Sydney baker and cake designer, Felicity Beutler aof Sugarbee cakes.

The sweetness of the cake was only echoed by the sentiment shared during the ceremony, as both Wiggles shed tears.

"I thought I was going to be really good and I thought i'll be the one to hold Lachy up," Watkins told Who magazine. "But as soon as I saw him, he was so obviously crying from happiness, that's when I think I lost it."

Gillespie who initially fought back tears, admitted that seeing Emma was the most magical moment of his life. "Everything else just seemed to melt away," he said. "I was almost getting to the point where I was sobbing, I looked over at my aunty, and she was telling me to take a massive breath!" Gillespie told Who.

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A lesser-known fact about the pair is that they both started as side-kicks. Before she donned the yellow skivvy, Watkins filled the big boots of Dorothy the Dinosaur whilst Gillespie brandished the patch of Captain Feathersword.

The two became permanent members in January 2013.

The wedding was held on the sun-baked fields of NSW’s southern highlands - the perfect homage to their Australian roots.

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