Emma Wiggle drops a huge clue there's a baby on the way for her and Lachy.

Nothing says ‘WE’RE EXPECTING’ more than a cryptic Instagram post with a few emojis and a very suspicious hashtag, right?

(Well, unless you count an image of an actual ultrasound with the caption, ‘There is a baby growing inside of me’.)

Fans are in a frenzy over Emma Wiggle’s – aka Yellow Wiggle aka Emma Watkins – latest post, with many suspecting that there is a very wiggly baby on the way.

In case you missed it: Emma married Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie in April of last year.

Emma and Lachy's wedding in 2016.

And last night, Emma posted a loved-up selfie of her and Lachy, telling fans to "stay tuned".

She's also included a number of emojis reminiscent of spring time. Think: leaves and flowers.

???????????????????? #staytuned

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Of course, Emma's 51,900 followers immediately assumed that she was pregnant, with a wiggly baby on the way in Spring.

"The overalls are a giveaway!" wrote one fan on the picture, while another said, "could it be a bubba Wiggle on the way?!"

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If only there was a Wiggles song about jumping to conclusions...

Until Emma confirms the news, we'll just be here, counting Hot Potatoes until we know more.