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Widowed father recreates stunning photos of his late wife with his daughter.

In 2013, Rafael del Col’s wife was tragically killed in a car accident.

Following his wife’s death, Rafael felt so incredibly lonely and confused. They had only been married for four years and he was a widower at 33. His daughter Raisinha was not even two when she lost her mother.

Rafael was struggling to mourn the death of his wife, and also find a way to honour her life.

But, Rafael has now found one of the most moving ways to celebrate the life that he once had, and the life of now.

With his four-year-old daughter, Rafael recreated photos taken with his wife a week before their wedding.

It shows a stunning bond between father and daughter, and a changed family honouring a woman they both loved so dearly.

The photo shoot was done by the Raiz Fotografia in Brazil, and it helped Del Col find closure.

You can see more of Rafael’s beautiful images here:

Video via Rafael Del Col
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