9 people share why they really regret having their work colleagues on Facebook.

Your phone buzzes. It’s a Facebook friend request from someone at the office. Maybe even your boss. Do you accept? You’re pretty friendly at work, you’ve even had the odd lunch or Friday-night drink together. There’s no harm in accepting, right?


According to a survey by The Adecco Group, at least 1.6 million working Aussies regret having invited their boss or colleague to be a friend on social media.

From awkward revelations to holidays disguised as sickies, the responses will send you scrambling for the unfriend button.

Video by Mamamia

Here are just a few:

1. “They started speaking to other people about my personal life at work, regarding things I did not want them to know.”

2. “Something I posted got taken way out of context and I lost my job.”

3. “Because they were very rude and had very strong opinions about my parenting skills.”

4. “I was so shocked by a Facebook post from a colleague in a sister business that I have stopped referring them work altogether, which may end up costing their company more than half a million dollars in lost revenue per year.”

5. “Because I knew they had a sick day when they were actually on holiday in New Zealand.”


6. “They saw something I posted regarding work and told the boss. Lesson learnt.”

7. “Being in a position of authority and seeing the racial hate diatribe they had on their social media made me lose complete respect for them.”

8. “[They] used some info against me that they found on my social media.”

9. “Because I don’t really like them in the first place.”

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