Meet the mothers who believe a "hot" nanny is good for their marriage.

Beautiful nannies get a bad rap.

They are feared and labelled. Their physical attributes far outweighing any talent they might have as actually child carers.

A roll call of Hollywood names can attest to that.

Ben Affleck

Jude Law

Gavin Rossdale

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ethan Hawke

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's marriage allegedly broke down after his affair with their nanny. Via Getty.

Many high profile Hollywood stars' relationships have fallen apart after alleged affairs with nannies.

It's prompted a group cry from women around the world with many swearing they would never hire a “hot nanny” because it was way too tempting for the helpless male in the household.

The general consensus in mothers’ groups, online forums and with women in general was that hiring a “hot nanny” was just like playing with fire.

Would you hire a "hot nanny?"

Chrissy Teigen summed it up in a quote she later claimed she said in jest, but many wondered if it had an element of truth to it.

“No hot nannies, drivers, or maids. I trust John but you never know with these men,” she told a reporter after the Ben Affleck scandal erupted.

With the majority of wives and partners across the world united in the theory that temptation was better far far away from sitting amongst the dirty dishes in the Lego-strewn kitchen, any nanny unfortunate enough to be genetically blessed was forced to downplay her desirable qualities or risk entering the unemployment queue.

Who'd be silly enough to hire a gorgeous nanny for their home?

Gavin Rosedale famously cheated on Gwen Stafani. Via Twitter.

Well, lots of families is the answer. It turns out that in fact there is a job market for the beautiful nannies and a flourishing one at that.

Tattler Magazine reports that many women actively seek out “hot nannies” for their children for a variety of reasons the average mum probably hasn’t thought about.

While most of us hiring a nanny look for qualifications and someone who actually likes our kids, for other mothers a “smoking bod and glowing skin” is right at the top of their list in qualifications, right up with “must have own licence”.

Tattler writes that an A-list “unnamed” (due to privacy reasons, of course) Hollywood family require their nannies to be star-like in their looks so that the paparazzi can’t distinguish between the staff and the family through their long lenses when the family holiday together on the beach.

Another mother said that having a gorgeous nanny was a source of inspiration. Via iStock.

Prominent British nanny agency, Kensington Nannies, told the magazine that it isn’t unusual to get the brief that the nanny must be gorgeous.


“We'll often get photographs of the family, with their brief of wanting someone who'll fit in - and they're all gorgeous! They actually want someone good-looking,” Louise Taylor of Kensington Nannies said.

A radio producer/ mother told the magazine that she found it "beneficial" for her to have a beautiful nanny.

“I just love having her around the house - she's beautiful and far better for my state of happiness than Prozac,” she said.

Another mother said that having a gorgeous nanny was a source of inspiration.

“Far from her becoming my doppelganger, she's actually been my style and beauty inspiration,” the woman claimed.

“No way was I going to hang out on the sofa in tracksuit bottoms, gorging on Hummingbird cupcakes, when she was all svelte in my kitchen in Lululemon.”

No need for Instagram fit-spo when she is right there spooning baked beans and mash into your toddler's mouth.

Jude Law admitted he cheated with a nanny  Via Getty.

Others found the young 20-something smoking-hot nanny was a way to one-up the other mums at school pick up.

“I like it when people realise just how pretty my nanny is - it's like taking out a full-page advert in a national newspaper declaring how great my relationship with my husband is,” said another woman.

“The hot nanny is definitely a status symbol for a rock-solid marriage,” added another mother.

The marriage between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver broke up after his affair with their nanny. Via Getty.

Across the Tasman Kiwi mum, author and parenthood blogger Jacqui Lockington has said that she prefers a "hot nanny" as they are "more fun."

She writes that it could be an inner confidence thing.

“If someone's more attractive then they're more happy and have less inhibitions.”

"One of my nannies at the moment is gorgeous and she's always out there on the trampoline with the kids and things like that. You know, she's not scared of having fun and playing with the kids, she's always playing games."

She told Newshub Radio that women need to forget the idea that young nannies could be tempting to their husbands and instead think about it realistically.

“The fact is most 20-year-old nannies would never look at the average dad, middle aged, a little bit balding, a bit thick around the waist. A hot 20-year-old nanny is not likely to go off with the average dad.”

Really, she says we have nothing to worry about unless our husband is Ben Affleck.  Then again, perhaps Nanny McPhee is the better option.