The hilarious note that reminded me why I love being a mum.

Do you remember life before kids?

Do you ever think how much money you would have?

How much sleep you would be getting?… Not to forget privacy!?

I have caught myself daydreaming about living in my own apartment, on my own, just bathing and feeding and cleaning up after myself. Getting up half an hour instead of three hours before leaving for work as I only have to get myself ready and what about eating sitting down… and in silence… remember that?

I try and think back 10 years ago before I had my first child and pinpoint the critical moment where I thought starting to procreate would be an awesome idea.

It was at a family Christmas party and my husband was trying to teach his baby second cousin to roll on a rug and I remember romantically thinking awww how cute… Let’s do it! (Literally.)

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But in the last 10 years there have been moments where I am like, ‘Why didn’t I just take a damn picture instead!’

I know it is not all doom and gloom AK (After Kids).

It’s an incredibly rewarding, love-filled, awe-inspiring, life-enriching and self-confidence building venture that you can keep multiple small humans alive.

In saying that, I have had some moments where I have regretted having kids.

One in particular moment stands out for me when we were hit with the good old gastro bug. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when my son vomited all over the floor. Then the dog rushed over and started licking it up.

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I started screaming at the dog so loud my other son ran in to see what the problem was and slipped and fell in the vomit.

My four-year-old daughter then started screaming out from the toilet, “Mummy my runny poo is on the floor”.

I just thought to myself, ‘What in the hell have I signed up for? Just… Why??’

But then I see stuff like this and I think, ‘Yes… having kids is ok’.

The note is hilarious. Here it is in full. See if you can spot the unrelenting error...

"I think cocking is the best because you can cock for dinner, lunch and breakfast. When you are cocking you can make all different dishes like cakes, bacon and eggs and lots more. 

My mum cooks most dishes for me but dads can cock as well but most time they don't. In the night sometimes I cock dinner for my mum and my mum said I can go to cocking class. 

When my mum cocks dinner for my favourite dish is lasagna and spagety. 

Cocking can be loud and soft depends what you cock."

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