This money tactic men use could add $100 to your savings, every single day.

When it comes to saving money, how do you stack up?

Do you save 10 per cent of what you earn, or maybe even 20?

No matter how much you save, if you’re a woman, it’s highly likely you’re making a fundamental error – you’re dropping those clams into a savings account, and letting them sit pretty.

Just like me.

For too long the emphasis on female coin has been “ask for a raise!” or “demand equal pay!”, but we’re missing the Big Thing that’s making women lose big.

While our partners and spouses chat about their various managed funds, most women are not investing. The majority of us are basically investment-phobic.

And that very fact means you and I are missing out on thousands of dubloons compared to the investment-savvy doodle-possessors.

According to personal finance expert Sallie Krawcheck, the fact I don’t invest means I’m missing out on $100. Every single bloomin’ day. She calls it the “gender investing gap”.

“Let’s say you are making $85,000 a year and setting aside 20 per cent (good on you!), but putting it into a savings account rather than investing. Any guess what that costs you over a decade? It’s $100 a day,” Krawcheck wrote for Bustle.

“If you had a hole in your purse, and $100 fell out of it every day, how long would it take you to fix it?”

I’m seeing tiny black dots everywhere. I can’t feel my arms.

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 "If you had a hole in your purse, and $100 fell out of it every day, how long would it take you to fix it?" (Image: iStock)

The author of Own It: The Power of Women at Work says women need to start making their money work for them. After all, the more disposable cash you have, the more opportunities will arise.

Krawcheck sees money as a vehicle for self-reinvention, as something that expands your horizons - ultimately, it gives you the power to take a career break, and set yourself up for retirement.

Well, looks like I'll be researching 'how to buy shares' after work, then.

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