This is why it's so much easier to name girls instead of boys.

If you’ve ever named a baby, or given unsolicited advice to someone else attempting to name their baby, you’ve probably noticed an interesting phenomenon: it’s much, much easier to name girls than boys.

The reason? It’s much more acceptable to be “inventive” in girls’ names, which means there are a hell of a lot more options.

In fact, experts have estimated that there are almost twice as many girls’ names as there are boys’ names to choose from.

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Professor Matthew Hahn of the University of Indiana says that a society that’s more likely to be accepting of “out there” names for girls has let to the increase.

While parents often take traditional “boy” names for girls, like Cameron or James, it rarely goes the other way – and when people choose gender-neutral names like “Victory” or “River”, they’re generally for girls too.

That said, celebrity parents are leading the charge on unique names for baby boys – think Lara Bingle’s Rocket Zot, Kim Kardashian’s Saint or Gwyneth Paltrow’s Moses.

And of course, parents should go with whatever name feels right to them.

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