The real reason that Olympic diving pool turned bright green.

While we’ve been distracted by our happy tears after watching medals being won and records being broken at the 2016 Rio Olympics, something very strange has been happening in one of the pools: it turned bright green.

And now, the world finally knows why.

Days after the mystery first began (i.e. when Twitter started asking questions about why diving pool had put on the murky shade of a kale smoothie), Olympic officials have finally offered an answer to what went wrong.

It turns out that wrong chemicals were put into the water. Oops.

80 litres of hydrogen-peroxide was put into the pool on the day of the opening ceremony, which does not react well with chlorine.

The Olympic athletes we admire. Post continues below. 


“Of course, it is an embarrassment,” Rio 2016 spokesman Mario Andrada said.

“We are hosting the Olympic Games and hosting the world’s best athletes. The water is not supposed to be an issue. This was an issue we could not solve quickly [but] we need to have water looking the way it should look.”

The infamous pool will now be drained before the synchronised swimming competition begins; so competitors will be able to see their fellow team members underwater.