Why is Russell Brand protesting against the G20 summit?

This is a little bit odd. Sky News stumbled upon UK comedian Russell Brand in the crowd of protesters outside the G20 summit of world leaders in London. Russell (who is happy to describe himself as a millionaire) is unwillinging to discuss what it is that he objects to or why he’s at the protest.

UPDATE: Russell has posted about the protest on his own site here Oddly, the multi-millionaire believes ‘capitalism has failed us’. Interesting read though. [thanks Nisha7 via Twitter]

BREAKING UPDATE: The protests have turned violent and one man is dead. Police tried to resucitate him but were pelted by bottles and were unable to reach him to provide first aid.

Why the hell does this happen every time there is a G20 meeting held? Do violent thugs looking for an excuse to throw things and bash people up just use the excuse of the G20 to practice anarchy?

According to breaking news reports:

UPDATE 12.14pm: G20 protestors threw bottles at police trying to resuscitate a man who lay dying during chaotic clashes in London.

The man fell over unconscious, prompting a member of the public to call emergency services. He was still breathing at the time but died despite attempts to resuscitate him. Reuters photographers said police had to move the man as protesters were bombarding them with bottles. Police “made extensive efforts to resuscitate him both there and on the
way to hospital”, an emergency services spokesperson said. 

man’s death came as police, many dressed in riot gear, were out in
force as thousands demonstrated through the city’s financial district,
outside the US embassy and in Trafalgar Square.
anti-capitalist, anti-war and anti-pollution slogans, they vented their
fury as G20 leaders prepare to discuss the world financial crisis

Dozens of people were arrested after violence erupted outside the Bank
of England in the heart of London’s financial district around
lunchtime.  Anarchists smashed the windows of a neighbouring
branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland, a financial giant saved from
collapse by the British Government, and stormed inside.

police on horses were called in to push the protesters on the street
back as bottles, cans and paint bombs were thrown at officers.  Even an armoured personnel carrier complete with mock machine-gun turret was impounded during the clash.

Some protesters were left bleeding after being hit by baton-wielding police during the clashes.  Police quickly cordoned off surrounding streets to coral the 4000 protesters who had converged on the area.

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