This is why some people find exercise so much harder than others.

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Have you ever wondered why your best mate gets a kick out of her gruelling gym workouts, while even hearing the word ‘run’ makes you want to bury yourself under a pile of doonas and cupcakes? (Don’t worry, we feel ya.)

Turns out there’s a reason some of us find exercise, and being motivated to exercise, so much harder than others – and like so many things, it’s a case of mind vs. matter.

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In this TED talk, social psychologist Emily Balcetis explains that both our bodies and our “mind’s eye” influence the world we see around us – and how we feel about the various activities we undertake.

If you fall into the “ugh, exercise” camp, there’s good news: Balcetis has a quick, easy trick that will make your fitness goals seem easier, more achievable… and maybe even enjoyable. (Truly!)

Check out the video here and tell us what you think. (And if you can’t watch it now, bookmark the page and watch it later. It’s worth it.)

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