Why everybody's talking about Amal's "bush" today (sigh).

Some writers have X-ray specs, apparently.

International human rights lawyer Amal Clooney accompanied her husband, actor George Clooney, to the Tomorrowland Tokyo premiere on Monday.

Ms Clooney took time out of her busy schedule — which includes work on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide — to travel with her husband to the Japanese premiere of the Disney movie.

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Somehow, the 37-year-old barrister also managed to get her hands on a designer gown and matching gold heels, and to look elegant and appropriately Disney princess-like while doing it.

Amal and George Clooney arrive at the Tomorrowland premiere.

The night, by all accounts, was a success, and Ms Clooney smiled with her 54-year-old husband on the red carpet before watching the sci-fi epic, in which he plays a reclusive scientist.

That should’ve been the end of the story.

But it wasn’t — because one entertainment writer decided to make a story out of nothing.

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Gossip blogger Elaine “Lainey” Lui seized on a photo of Amal in the Maison Margiela gown, and declared the item of clothing “her worst ever”.

OUR EYES. OUR POOR EYES. (Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images)

Lui, of LaineyGossip.com, went on to discuss the supposedly “lumpy and bumpy” appearance of the gown, writing:

I don’t care who you are, you could have Gisele’s body, and it’s still not going to flattering because it will never not look lumpy and bumpy under glare. Which means it ends up looking cheap.

Then she targeted Ms Clooney’s crotch, which she declared appeared to be “a full bush”:

“And there is nothing cheaper in a dress than the illusion of a full bush,” she wrote, adding:

You see that, don’t you? It might not be actual camel toe but that doesn’t matter because it looks like a camel toe. When she sees pictures from this event, she’ll never choose this material again.

Ouch. (Also, what? Not that it matters, but Amal looks incredible.)

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This is the photo of Amal Clooney that led a writer to declare she was clearly hiding “a full bush”. Really? Not just the angle of the photo? (Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images).

You know what I see when I look at these pictures?

A talented, compassionate woman who works hard at a career that benefits the lives of others.

An Oxford and NYU graduate with a slew of scholarships and awards under her belt, and a scheduled packed with high-profile clients including Julian Assange.

A former member of a number of United Nations commissions, who has worked with female activists to protect children in war zones from sexual violence.

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Also, a woman who happens to be beautiful, and looks more sensational in a slinky yellow dress than I ever hope to.

So, let’s not discuss Amal’s crotch any more. It is, quite frankly, the least interesting thing about her.

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