Why you shouldn't drop the word 'wedding' when planning your big day.

It’ll cost you.

Did you find that as soon as you mentioned the word ‘wedding‘ when planning your big day, prices suddenly doubled, tripled, or quadrupled?

No it wasn’t your imagination, the so called ‘wedding tax’ is real. And it’s the reason why getting married is so. Damn. Expensive.

A Current Affair has investigated the extra dollar figure you pay just by dropping the “W” bomb. Hint: It’s a lot.

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Price comparison site Choice also recently arranged a test in which two shoppers called the same suppliers and requested a quote for the exact same event. The only key difference was that one said the word ‘wedding’, while the other said it was for a 40th birthday party.

We bet you can guess what happened next. The prices for the wedding skyrocketed.

“If you ring your florist and you want 20 bunches of flowers, they might be $50 or $60, but if you say it’s for a wedding they’re $100, $120,” one bride-to-be told A Current Affair.

Here is what else they found when comparing prices between a wedding and 21st birthday:

120 invites:

21st birthday — $1623

Wedding — $2436

Chrysler 300c stretch limo for three hours:

21st birthday — $330

Wedding — $990


21st birthday — $130

Wedding — $220

DJ for five hours:

21st birthday — $390

Wedding — $455

120 slices of cake:

21st birthday — $464

Wedding — $661

Photographer for four hours:

21st birthday — $1950

Wedding — $4400

Pretty steep right? So if you want to save some cash when it comes to your special day, we suggest you drop the word ‘wedding’ from your vocabulary. At least when it comes to your spending.

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