"His toast was toasted." 17 parents share what their toddlers cried about this week.


There is a kind, delusional group of people in society who believe children cry for legitimate reasons.

“Their feelings are valid,” these people will tell you over a decaf matcha latte.

But the rest of us know the complete opposite to be true, toddlers cry over anything and everything.

There is no pattern to these tantrums – it’s a mystery to mankind.

So on Monday, when Mamamia posted an image of a viral tweet to Instagram, parents were quick to respond.

In the tweet, a man named Hal described the completely irrational reasons his toddler cried throughout the week.

Like the bath being “too wet” and not being allowed to have syrup for breakfast.


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I wouldn’t make him popcorn while driving. ????

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In the name of honest parenting, here are just a few rational reasons why toddlers cried this week.

  • “His brother was looking out his window in the car.”
  • “Her (plain, tap) water was too spicy.”
  • “I wasn’t able to turn the sun off.”
  • “I put peanut butter on her toast when she asked for peanut butter toast.”
  • “She couldn’t put a second pair of gumboots on over her gumboots.”
  • “Put his socks on his feet not his hands.”
  • “Put his empty cup in the sink.”
  • “Said no he could not brush the dog’s teeth, with his toothbrush.”
  • “He cried that his toast was toasted.”
  • “I’m not a mermaid. Daily tantrum reason that her mum is not a mermaid.”
  • “Our cat was looking at his new Paw Patrol couch!”
  • “The dog sat when he asked it to sit.”
  • “I couldn’t remember what the dream was about that he had – I was in it so I should have known!”
  • “I wouldn’t let her wear just her swimmers and a cropped t-shirt with no shoes to vivid tonight.”
  • “His ice block was too cold.”
  • “He couldn’t pack his auntie’s dog in his suitcase to bring back to Australia.”
  • “He didn’t want to eat a cupcake because it had a bite out of it… a bite that he took.”

Parenting is fun.

Now go turn the sun off, would you?

What has your toddler cried about this week? Tell us in the comments below.