All the favourite Disney princesses always wear blue. And it's no coincidence.

Elsa from Frozen. Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Alice, Snow White and Jasmine.

Besides the fact that they are all the stuff of childhood fantasy, these Disney princesses have something else in common: they all wear blue.

And according to a new report in The Sun, it’s no coincidence.

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There’s actually a hidden meaning behind the clever clothing choice, and its all to do with empowering its young female viewers.

Blue is known as the colour of trust, calm and serenity. The colour is also associated with self-expression, freedom, wisdom and joy.

disney blue jasmine cinderella
Image via Walt Disney Pictures.

By dressing its heroines in blue, Disney is telling young viewers (particularly young girls) that these characters are dependable, powerful and inspiring.


Yep, there's a lot of meaning behind what every Disney princess chooses to wear.

"You're adding a bit of power to the character by giving her the blue," Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Colour Institute told Allure in March.

disney blue elsa frozen
Image via Walt Disney Pictures.

"It's a very subtle way of saying, 'Yeah, but young women, young girls, can be empowered, too'."

Particularly since blue is, in modern society, traditional associated with masculinity. With a new trend of Disney making their heroines more adventurous and independent as possible (hello, Elsa) the colour seems as important as ever.

With this new information, we know exactly what we'll be doing to ring in the new year: watching Disney flicks on repeat and sewing ourselves a ballgown in the perfect shade of Disney blue.