"She bit my hand, face and back": Bachelor's Sam shares photos of 'injuries' from ex Tara.

It’s been just over a month since Australia’s favourite Bachelor in Paradise couple Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic announced their split.

The couple got engaged just one month after meeting on the reality dating show, but with Tara admitting their relationship was “toxic“, it seems everything wasn’t as perfect as it appeared.

Speaking to Woman’s DaySam has finally shared his side to the story, claiming that Tara was abusive towards him.

The 31-year-old, who moved to Queensland to live with Tara, said that the 28-year-old’s “excessive drinking” allegedly led her to bite, punch and kick him.

In hiding until the finale aired, Sam and Tara were forced to hide their relationship from the public as Tara’s alleged frequent partying and drinking continued.

“At weekends it was this binging thing and then it would be the put-downs and the verbal attacks,” said Sam, who says he was called a ‘loser’ by Tara in front of friends.

This message goes out to all the beautiful people who shared with me such an amazing journey. The fairytale that I took part in was deep and surreal. My proposal was meant to be forever but life sometimes takes you away from the dream and you wake up. So…deep breath…. this has come to an end. I loved Tara with my whole heart and those two people in Fiji fell completely. It’s hard writing this thinking back to those moments. Your joy in our story and the engagement meant so much and I can assure you it is the saddest thing for me to come to terms with. Watching something you valued fall apart and what you love follow a different path is one of the most difficult things. My heart feels broken and obviously having it play out in public adds so many difficult dimensions. I forgot about the cameras in Fiji and I simply fell in love. The truth is difficult but the path ahead will show the way. Obviously there has been speculation for some time but I needed to know for sure before making anything public. That has been hard. Our time together will always hold a beautiful and difficult place in my heart and I have to believe that everything happens for a reason. Thank you everyone for the beautiful support and being on this journey. In a time that was mostly in hiding your words provided magic. I look forward to the future. I got to see that love is real and powerful…. and it is. I’ll find it again. ❤️✨????????????

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Speaking from Bali, Sam told Woman’s Day that he begged Tara to stop drinking and get counselling, but after the finale finally aired, things only got worse.

“Everything spiralled,” he said. “The relationship took a back seat, the drinking kicked in and then the violence started.”

From then on, the physical abuse allegedly intensified.

On the weekend of their Sydney engagement party, Sam says Tara hit him for the first time, punching him in the face twice.

But it was an argument in an Uber after a night out at Sydney’s Flamingo Lounge weeks later that truly ended the relationship.

“She bit my hand, my face and my back… I didn’t actually realise how bad it was until I saw myself in the bathroom mirror,” he said.

Sam proposed to Tara on Bachelor in Paradise, just one month after meeting. 

Sam shared photos of the bruises he received from Tara’s bites with Woman’s Day, as well as screenshots of angry text messages he received, which you can view here.

Last week, Tara shared her side of the story, telling the Daily Mail that their relationship was toxic.

“He always threatened to leave and played games,” she said.

“He would always say to me I needed someone who was ‘dumb with no feelings’, that he was too smart and deep for me.”

Tara is reportedly now dating an old friend, plumber Nick Shepherdson.