The devious reason why the Bachelor rose ceremonies always look so awkward.

There really is no shortage of awkward moments gifted to us on The Bachelor. (Hello, stilted single dates, Richie laughing at EVERYTHING and hilariously obvious product placements).

But no other situation in the Bachelor mansion is as DRAM-AH filled and intense as those dreaded rose ceremonies.

It’s the time of the night when emotions run high, tensions between contestants boil over and true feelings are revealed. It’s also got the most intense music, so you know things are about to get REAL.

Pop all these ingredients together and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an awkward moment.

Speaking of awkward moments…how about this bizarre ‘undie tuck’ fashion tip? Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

We’re only four weeks into Richie’s quest for love, but already we’ve been gifted some of the best (or worst, depending on how you want to look at it) moments of the season thanks to those delicious rose ceremonies.

Like that time foul-mouthed Vintaea eliminated herself mid-ceremony on the very first night of competition.

(We still miss you and your sweary ways, Vintaea).

The 25-year-old revealed soon after she met Richie she realised he “wasn’t the man for me” and had no choice but to walk out out of the competition. Cue stunned faces from ALL of the other girls in the competition (and Richie, of course).

Or when Sasha was so starved waiting for the other girls to get their roses that she started nibbling on her flower to keep her appetite at bay.

Video via Channel 10

And of course, the most recent shocking moment Megan refused Richie’s rose, telling him she could no longer continue on in the competition.

Nothing could be more awkward than asking a lovely lady to accept a rose, only for her to say, “SOZ, MATE, NO. LOL”.

Video via Channel 10

It turns out there is a deliciously dramatic reason why the rose ceremony is fraught with awkward moments just waiting to happen.

And it’s got a lot to do with timing and editing.

Ex-contestant Penny Palman, from the first season of the show, told our Bach Chat podcast that some sneaky producer tactics are used to secure those ‘awkward’ and angry looks.

“They set you up in your positions, and you’re waiting there for ages. They say, ‘Just hold on, we’ve got to get the lights right’, so you’re looking off into the distance, looking a little pissed of,” she told Mamamia.

“And then lo and behold, when the show is all cut together, they are the shots they use when someone else gets a rose and you don’t’!”

There’s also a lot of discomfort going on behind-the-scenes, revealed Penny.

“In between each girl [getting their rose], there’s a big pause. They hold for a lot longer than what you see on TV! And they’re all half-drunk and wanting to go to the toilet…you aren’t even allowed to do that!”

Needing to pee + standing up for long periods of time = awkward moment heaven.

These girls still have a LOT of rose ceremonies to get through to win Richie’s heart.