Melissa was sick of being asked why she was single. So she made a very helpful flowchart.

The experience of going to a wedding as a single person is like attending a job interview where it doesn’t matter what you say, the answer you give is the wrong one.

You try to explain that you’re single at the moment because you’re focusing on your career. 

“But what about the children,” replies Aunty Ruth.

You say: I just haven’t found the one.

“Oh, well you better lower your standards,” says your weird uncle Al’.

You say: Not a priority.

“Well, don’t wait too long,” teases your third cousin’s second husband, who has a rank case of tuna breath.

Can you wear white to a wedding? We ask Team Mamamia for their opinion.

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Nobody knows this better than New York publisher, Melissa Croce. Sick of fielding rogue and gratuitous questions from seemingly well-meaning relatives, she designed a three-page brochure for her cousin’s wedding.

Sharing her design on Twitter, the pamphlet contained an FAQ section on her job, her life in New York, and a ‘choose your own adventure’ flowchart in response to the question: ‘why is Melissa Single?’

It was brilliant.


why are you still single
This. Image: Twitter @melissacroce.
melissa single
If you must know. Image supplied.
melissa single
Why is Melissa single? Image supplied.

We especially appreciated her response: "Just like you did, Aunt Carol?"

Speaking to Mamamia, Melissa said that although she didn't take her brochure to her cousin's wedding (such a missed opportunity, tbh) it did make her colleagues laugh.

"I guess it’s a fairly universal experience to dread the well-meaning but cringe-worthy questions regarding one’s single status at events," she joked.

"My cousin’s wedding was two weeks ago and I definitely did NOT print out the brochures and bring them, nor did I ever intend to,"

"And yes, I did answer a lot of the questions in my brochure but I didn’t mind— the glass of wine in my hand helped with that."

She's also gone on to share her creation with the likes of Buzzfeed, and US talk show Good Morning America, with her original Twitter post garnering over 3000 likes, 575 shares and 127 comments. One fan even dubbed it as "art in its purest form". And we've never heard anything more true.




Better yet, should you want your very own custom-designed pamphlet, Melissa says she can fashion one up for you too.


And that, is truly feminism in action.


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