We finally know why Chupa Chups are so ridiculously hard to open.

We’ve all faced that painful moment as kids (or even adults) when you just want to rip into a Chupa Chup and you can’t for the life of you get the damn thing open.

It’s a question that’s plagued us since our childhood and now finally, we have an answer as to why our lolly pop of choice is so notoriously difficult to open.

But stay with me because apparently there is method to the madness.

It turns out that the Chupa Chup lollipop is actually hard to open for an important reason, reports News Corp.

“Yep we know that Chupa Chups are super hard to open. We’ve designed them like that,” Country Manager for the company that makes Chupa Chups Sam Hansen said.

“There are actually two layers of wrapper that are twisted together and sealed at the bottom with heat. That way we know they will get to you in the condition they left the factory.”

Hansen also gave an amazing tip on how to make getting into a Chupa Chup a little easier.

“You can try twisting your Chupa Chups at the bottom of the wrapping to open it — makes it a little easier,” she said.

“Embrace the anticipation of getting into your favourite Chupa Chups because you know when you eventually get in, it’ll be worth it! Don’t give up on moments of fun!”

The more you know.