The most degrading list for women.


These lists have to be the most annoying.

And yet, they are splashed across magazines and websites.

“The things you are doing to scare men off.”

Why don’t they just say the truth:

“Attention women of the world. No one will accept you just as you are. That only happens in Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

Most recently, the Daily Mail published "The 12 things YOU'RE doing that's scaring men away." Two dating gurus/relationship experts/people who make women worry, Laura Yates and Genevieve Zawada, have found out the 12 things as women are doing which are freaking men out.

They include things like:

Not having friends. Because there is nothing nicer than feeling more alone, than someone rejecting you for being alone.

Texting too much. It's 2015. How the hell are you supposed to communicate with the world?

Baby talk. Actually, I agree with this one. I find it annoying too.

Speaking badly of other women. If you don't want to know our opinion, don't ask.

Calling the shots. Be. More. Submissive.

I'm not going to list all 12. Because you probably get the idea of how ridiculous they are. They all try to give some ridiculous explainer as to why you, dear female reader, are still single.

Face Palm.

The funny things is... I never see "The things you are doing to scare women off" in men's magazines.

So, I asked a bunch of women, 'what scares you off a guy?' The results are in. Men, take note.

TAP on the image below to scroll through the answers. Men... take note. 

What do you think of the "this is why you're single" lists?