Whoopi Goldberg just got mistaken for Oprah on the Oscars red carpet.

An intern just got fired.

In an Oscars year that’s been defined by the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, a beauty site has mistaken one prominent black woman for another prominent black woman.

As the Oscars red carpet progresses, hardworking internet types are furiously live-tweeting each and every moment.

Whomever is at the helm of the Twitter account belonging to Total Beauty tweeted a picture of Whoopi Goldberg, with the caption: “We had no idea @Oprah was tatted, and we love it!”

Oprah is not tatted. And that is not Oprah.

The tweet was quickly deleted but you and I both know that the Print Screen button had already been employed thousands upon thousands of times.

The retribution was swift, in the form of extreme smart-aleckery. Because what else can you do but laugh?

Whoopi, Oprah, and Hillary Clinton (only kidding, that’s Suze Oram). Image via Getty.

What Whoopi talking about the 2009 Oscars…

Video by © Wirehouse | Getty

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