"Isn't my baby enough of a gift? Hell no, I want a diamond, too."

Isn’t your baby enough of a gift on B-day? Hell no, says this mum-to-be.

To all the women I know who shake their head in disgust over a push present – you have no clue.

I’m 34 weeks pregnant. And let me tell you. Being pregnant isn’t easy. Growing a little human is a tough job. And seeing as though I don’t do well at growing plants, I am aceing the growing of a baby.

Seeing as though I am getting pretty close to B-day, I asked my husband what he was planning on getting me for my very first push present. Not that I am going to be doing much pushing, if I get my way.

In true male style, he had no idea what a push present is. For those who are similarly in the dark, a push present is a gift that the father gives to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth. And therefore, I rightly assumed he hadn’t picked something out yet. Which was fine. I wasn’t upset. I usually prefer to pick my presents out for him to buy. That way I know I will definitely like it.

So when I Googled push present ideas (I already had an idea of what I wanted, I just wanted to broaden my horizons) I came across all these angry women saying how terrible push presents are.

Are you serious?

I’m sorry, no I am not sorry. If I have to live with my swollen cankles for months, I better be getting a diamond in something. Okay, I know, some people get a swish fancy car and really that is too much. Although, technically a Black Land Rover 4 Wheel Drive would be a present for both me and that baby – safety and all.

But really, what is the problem? I spoke to my friend about this and turns out she is on the “other” side. “Isn’t the baby the best present?” It’s fine, I won’t judge her. She hasn’t gone through pregnancy and had to look at her swollen veiny belly every morning in the shower. And, for the record, no a baby isn’t a gift. Yes, they are wonderful and cute and I can’t wait for my baby to come into the world. But I know when baby comes, my life will be change for ever, and they will steal my sleep. Presents don’t do that.


When we got pregnant, my husband bought me the most beautiful diamond earrings to celebrate. And for my push present, I have decided on a delicate white gold necklace with a diamond pendant to match my earrings.

So why do I want a push present?

Because I want some recognition that that last eight months (soon to be nine) was hard work. That the next 21 years will be hard work too. And I want something to look forward to besides the baby when I am having a metre long needle stuck in my spine. When I am mid the 20th nappy change in the middle of the night and have poo smeared all over my hands, I want to be able to look down and see the beautiful sparkler to at least give me some hope in those first few months. I also want to be able to remember the day, and that is what the necklace will do.

So sorry, but I don't think wanted a sparkler makes me selfish. Of course I will love my son or daughter more than my diamond necklace (it feels silly even typing that sentence). I just want a well-deserved present, too.

Seriously. What is wrong with that?

Did you get a push present? Do you think it's absolutely fair enough to expect one? 

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