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"More than annoyed." The Block fans unleash on the show's most controversial finale.

Viewers were left fuming after The Block’s finale saw their favourites Norm and Jess take home less than half the amount of profits winning “villains” Sara Tumino and Hayden Vale did.

Queenslanders Jess Eva and Norm Hogan earned $209,000 over their reserve of $2.65 million – which while on its own may sound like a big payday, tasted sour to show fans considering Hayden and Sara’s winning amount.

The Sydney couple – who revealed in Sunday night’s finale they’re expecting a baby boy – made $545,000 profit on their apartment, which sold for $3,020,000. This made them the show’s winners and the recipients of an extra $100,000.

Those at home were furious their favourites had made less than half the money of the couple who were shown constantly fighting with each other on screen and creating rooms the judges slammed.



Others praised the Sunshine Coast pair on how well they took their less-than-ideal auction results – including former Bachelorette Georgia Love.


Norm and Jess took their profit margin in their stride, however, telling the Courier Mail they still “feel like winners”.

“We’ve won enough money to wipe off every debt we’ve got and put a bit into the mortgage so we’re just stoked,” Jess said.

Also in Sunday night’s episode, South Australian couple Kerrie Charter and Spence Thomson took home a  $415,000 profit above their $2.45 million reserve. Perth’s Courtney Brown and Hans Baumgartner weren’t far behind with $410,000 in profits. And best friends Bianca Chatfield and Carla Dziwoki took home $301,000  when their penthouse sold for $2,991,000.

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