A huge change in the My Kitchen Rules finale leaves mums and dads furious.

Parents have expressed their outrage that My Kitchen Rules’ finale aired at a later start time on Sunday night and ended well past many young fan’s bedtimes.

The final cook-off between teams Amy and Tyson and Valerie and Courtney aired at 8pm  – starting half an hour later than the rest of the series this year.

The later start meant the winners, sibling duo Amy and Tyson, weren’t announced until after 10.15pm, which is much later than the normal finish time of around 9pm.

The showdown aired to late for some. (Image via Channel Seven.)

Angry parents voiced their frustration on social media, criticising the show for presenting them with a lose-lose dilemma: they could either let their kids stay up late before a school day or make them miss the show's ending.


On the show's Facebook page, one mum named Esther wrote, "Thanks Channel 7, awesome time slot."

"Kids watched this whole season, they have been looking so forward to final and have been talking about it all day, now last episode is on so late, kids are off to bed and are going to miss it!!"

Another, Kirsty, added, "Just putting it out there that starting it later means that kids who have been watching since the start will need to go to bed before the winners are announced .... not cool MKR."

Others tweeted at the popular cooking show, with parents not the only ones frustrated at the late ending.

My Kitchen Rules aired after the season premiere of House Rules - no doubt an attempt to drive the sizable MKR audience to their renovation show.

However, the flak the show copped online from fans suggests the move backfired.

Channel Seven didn't respond to viewers criticism online, but did post a link to its catch-up service on Facebook this morning.

"Did you miss last night's absolutely epic #MKR Grand Final? Catch it now on PLUS7 to find out which team was crowned champions for 2017!" the post read.

However, it was too late for the many who had the result spoiled by social media.

Mamamia has contacted Channel Seven for comment.

Did you stay up to watch the My Kitchen Rules finale?