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After a heated finale, the winner of My Kitchen Rules has finally been announced.


After a long season, the My Kitchen Rules Australia 2019 season finale aired tonight, and we finally know the winners.

The showdown was between Romel and Ibby, and Luke and Matt.

Romel and Ibby’s five-course menu was inspired by Middle-Eastern flavours.

First course: Kibbeh Nayah raw lamb tartare dish.
Second course: Lebanese shish Barak with pine nuts.
Third course: Chargrilled Octopus.
Fourth course: Spiced Kangaroo.
Fifth course: Knafeh with pistachio ice cream.

Cricket mates Luke and Matt went with a more simple menu, based on home-cooked meals they love.

First course: Confit salmon with peas.
Second course: Duck ravioli with wild mushroom sauce.
Third course: Barramundi with roasted fennel.
Fourth course: Beef cheek with parsnip mash.
Fifth course: Peach bellini.

So basically… YUM.

Everyone got very hungry throughout the show.

And when Romel and Ibby’s ice cream hit the ground, there were gasps.

Ultimately though, after a very close competition, both the teams produced mouthwatering dishes.

It was over to the ten judges.

Both teams were congratulated for the journeys the menus took the judges on.


Romel and Ibby got a final score of 88 out of 100, after the guest judges gave them a 70/80.

Luke and Matt got a combined score of 92 out of 100, after the guest judges gave them a 73/80.

Matt and Luke took away the $250,000 prize and the crown of My Kitchen Rules champions for 2019.