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1. The canny theory that explains why Angie Kent chose Carlin first on The Bachelorette last night.


Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was pretty dramatic to say the least. We saw tears, a very nervous Timm and a brief walkout from Angie. It was… a lot. 

In the end, Carlin (and his face) and sweet angel Timm got a rose, sending dog-lover Ryan home.

After the episode aired, a switched-on Bachie fan proposed a theory on Mamamia’s Bach Lols Facebook group as to why the rose ceremony was so intense – and why Angie was so torn up last night, despite it being the semi-finale.

And it’s pretty damn convincing.


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The theory suggests that Angie chose Carlin first during last night’s rose ceremony because he will be the easiest for her to say ‘no’ to during tonight’s finale.

Meaning, Angie was secretly trying to choose between her ∼real∼ top two picks – Timm and Ryan.


Look, it makes a lot of sense. Why not get the tough decision out of the way and take a bit of pressure off the finale?   ¯\_(⍨)_/¯

Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait to see who Angie chooses. The Bachelorette finale airs at 7:30 pm on Channel Ten.

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2. Oh. My. God. Sources are saying Friends’ Matthew Perry has ‘never fully been able to get over’ co-star Courteney Cox.

So the chemistry we saw between Chandler and Monica on Friends wasn’t just acting…

A source has revealed to US Weekly that 50-year-old actor, Matthew Perry, has always had a bit of a crush on his on-screen wife, Courteney Cox.

“Matthew’s always been in love with her,” they said.

“[He’s] never fully been able to get over her.”


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Guess who I had lunch with today….I KNOW!! Could I BE any happier? #realfriends

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This comes after the pair caught up for coffee last week, with Cox sharing a photo of them alongside the caption, “…could I BE any happier? #realfriends.”

Don’t get your hopes up too much though, Courteney is currently dating rockstar Johnny McDaid.

3. Oh. Ryan Anderson says he actually auditioned for The Bachelor, not Ali’s season of The Bachelorette.

As this year’s season of The Bachelorette comes to an end, all of the Bachie secrets are coming out of the woodworks.

This includes some new information about ex Bachelorette contestant, Ryan Anderson, who – despite proclaiming to Angie, “I’m here for you and you only, I wouldn’t have signed up had it been anyone else” – did indeed apply for The Bachelor, and NOT as a contestant on The Bachelorette, like he once stated. 


On an episode earlier in the season, various contestants were asked whether they had ever applied for another season of the show. Ryan admitted to applying for Ali Oetjen’s season of The Bachelorette.

However, in a post-Bachelorette interview with KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O, he reveals it was actually the main role on The Bachelor, he was auditioning for.

“At the stage in my life when that all went down I’d been asked to apply for a multitude of dating shows, and I knocked back a tonne of them,” he said.

“I was just at the stage where I wanted to just do something so I got flown over to Melbourne, did an audition. I wasn’t actually sure what it was for at that stage. I was under the impression it was for Ali’s season. That wasn’t the case.

“It was actually for The Bachelor.”

He finishes by mentioning he wouldn’t have made a great bachelor and he’s glad nothing eventuated.

Sure… ¯\_(⍨)_/¯

4. Congratulations! Gogglebox stars Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd have welcomed their first child, a healthy baby boy.

Yay! Another reality TV baby has been born.

Gogglebox stars Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd have welcomed their first child, Malik George Fahd.

Their healthy baby boy was born on November 13 2019.


Alongside a gorgeous pic of Sarah and the baby, Matty wrote on Instagram, “MALIK GEORGE FAHD Today, the 13.11.19, my heart is full Malik, I will love and protect you for the rest of my days.

“I will be there to lift you up and to catch you when you fall, to give you the confidence to be comfortable with you are no matter the circumstance, to always be a real man, in the truest sense of the word.

“I love you, my son, forever. For all the people out there trying for their own baby, Sarah and I are thinking of you today.

“Sarah is doing very well and was an absolute legend throughout. Many more photos to come. #malikgeorgefahd.”

Congratulations on welcoming baby George into the world!

5. ‘I have a wild theory that Angie will pull a Blake Garvey and please let me have this.’

I come to you with very important Bachelorette theory based on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Remember that time a man named Blake Garvey betrayed our trust by proposing to Sam Frost in his Bachelor finale… only to dump her after the show for third runner up Louise Pillidge?

That was a lot. So much, in fact, that ‘doing a Blake Garvey’ is now a thing we can say in Australia and everyone knows what we mean.

Tonight marks the end of Angie Kent’s season as the Bachelorette, where we’ll find out whether she chooses Carlin (and his face) or sweet angel and fan-favourite Timm.


(I mean, we definitely already know who she picks and who she doesn’t pick, but…)


And look, we have a… sneaking suspicion we might find ourselves reliving a little piece of 2014, on account of Angie and Carlinher winner maybe, maybe not working out.

She could then end up with Ryan, who she was very upset over in last night’s cocktail party, or Timm, whose sunflower-loving heart is about to be crushed.

Or... wait.

Remember our first beautiful long-haired love Ciarran?

Remember how we wept when he and his iconic wardrobe left the show after the death of his grandmother?

Remember how he told Angie to slide into his DMs if it doesn't work out with the other men?

Yeah well, we're clinging onto this idea for dear life and SHHH, WE HAVE IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE.

Firstly, isn't it a little weird that Angie's been so cagey about her relationship in interviews? She's never actually said she's with the winner.

It's all: "I'm happy," etc.

Suspicious. Like, Blake Garvey suspicious.

For more evidence that Angie has done a Blake Garvey, read our earlier article here.

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