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Who wins The Bachelor Australia 2019? All the signs point to Chelsie McLeod.

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Gather around.

For I have Bachie news of the utmost importance, because once again we know the winner of The Bachelor before it’s even announced. Well, by that I mean we think we know.

Chelsie McLeod, 28, has been the clear winner from the start, ever since a vibrant violin tune played as she walked down the red carpet to meet 31-year-old Bach, Matt Agnew.

The chemical engineer was shocked to discover the bachelor works in the same industry as she does – as was he – and ever since then, the two have proven their connection.

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Here are all the signs Chelsie McLeod (almost) definitely wins The Bachelor Australia 2019.

The top-three photo

Errrr. This seems like a blatantly obvious way for Channel 10 to spoil the winner of The Bachelor each year but they do it SO OFTEN.

If you look back at the previous promotional shoots for the final three contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (I’m an investigative journalist, please), a certain trend emerges.

More often than not, the person who is eventually chosen as the winner stands proudly in between the runner-ups, unbeknownst to them at the time.

It occurred for the seasons of Sophie Monk, Georgia Love, Sam Frost, Richie Strahan and the Honey Badg… oh wait, no, nevermind.

And now, it looks like the trend will include Matt Agnew’s season with Chelsie McLeod flanked by Abbie and Helena.

Who wins The Bachelor Australia 2019
Oh. Image: Channel 10.
Who wins The Bachelor Australia 2019
This is. Image: Channel 10.
Who wins The Bachelor Australia 2019
A dead. Image: Channel 10.
Who wins The Bachelor Australia 2019
Giveaway. Image: Channel 10.

Coincidence? Methinks not.

Betting Odds

Yup. This is another spoiler that occurs every year.

Chelsie McLeod is the bookmakers' favourite to win Matt Agnew's heart, and they have a near-perfect record of picking the winner.

In 2016, Alex Nation had the best odds to win Richie Strahan’s season, as did Lee Elliott for Georgia Love and Laura Byrne for Matty J.

The only instance the bookmakers were wrong was for Nick Cummins’ season, when they hadn’t yet introduced a ‘No Winner’ button (don’t worry, it’s there now).

Chelsie's odds stand at $1.30, with Abbie Chatfield a far second at $4.50.

Honestly, need I persuade you further? Yes, because the next sign may just be the most convincing.

Watch: Mamamia Meets The Bachelor, Matt Agnew. Post continues after video. 

Google Maps

Yes, well. Daily Mail has an impeccable record when it comes to spoiling the winner of any season of reality TV and this year is no different.

Chelsie McLeod lives in Melbourne - just like Matt - and according to Daily Mail, she in fact works a mere 13-minute walk away from the astrophysicist's office.


Matt works at Quantium as an astrophysicist, and Chelsie is employed nearby at Mott MacDonald as a chemical engineer.

Who wins The Bachelor Australia 2019
Are we taking this too seriously? Never! Image: Google Maps.

Imagine that. Going on a national reality TV show and entrusting Osher Gunsberg as your cupid, only to find love with a woman who's a 13-minute walk away. Should have just tried Bumble!

Literally every rejected contestant says Chelsie wins

Lastly, in their post-dumping interviews, almost all of the former contestants who vied for the love of Matt Agnew have told Mamamia they think Chelsie has the most chemistry with Matt.

Jewellery designer Cass Mamone said to Mamamia that Matt is "looking for someone that is in a similar industry to him maybe, someone who's easy going."

Vakoo told Mamamia she believes Chelsie will win, admitting:  "they have the most chemistry".

And even Emma Roche, who was dumped by Matt Agnew after hometown visits, told The Project on Friday night:  "I think it's probably going to be between Helena and Chelsie. They're both fantastic girls. Abbie's fantastic as well but maybe with Chelsie, she's got a lot in common with him."

We're calling it: Chelsie McLeod wins Matt Agnew's heart on The Bachelor 2019. Case closed.

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