The good old 'dress theory' that proves who will win The Bachelor 2019 finale.

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In just a few short hours, Australia will find out who won Matt Agnew’s heart in The Bachelor 2019 finale.

Do we care as much as we did about the Australian Survivor finale? No. But this is still important nonetheless.

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The only question remaining is: will Matt choose chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod or property analyst Abbie Chatfield?

We think, nay, we KNOW we’ve cracked the code to figuring out who wins this whole darn thing.

And, guys, it involves science.

Every year, we revisit the Bachelor finale dress theory. You know, the Network 10 wardrobe decisions that are not coincidence, but strategically placed hints as to who will win the series. Allow us to explain.

In this year’s finale promo shot below, you can see both Chelsie and Abbie are wearing… dresses.


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Abbie or Chelsie, who will complete Matt’s world? Matt’s journey comes to an end tonight 7.30 on 10. #TheBachelorAU

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But not just any dresses. Telling dresses.

The Bachelor finale dress theory goes something like this: Whichever woman is wearing the lighter colour dress in the finale episode wins the series.

If we are to apply it to the 2019 series of The Bachelor, the dress choices for the final two indicate Matt will be giving a promise/commitment ring to Chelsie.

Now, we haven’t just pulled this theory out of nowhere. Here’s the cold, hard evidence looking back on the finale promo shots from the last six years.

Side note – The Quicky spoke to past Bachelor runners up to find out what filming The Bachelor finale is really like. Post continues after audio.

The Bachelor 2013 with Tim Robard – Anna Heinrich and Rochelle Emanuel-Smith.

Anna Heinrich and Rochelle Emanuel-Smith
Peach just isn't a Bachie winning colour. Image: Ten.

In season one, Anna Heinrich wore a cream dress in the finale, while runner-up Rochelle Emanuel-Smith wore coral. Anna is still living happily ever after with her husband Tim Robards.

The Bachelor 2014 with Blake Garvey – Sam Frost and Lisa Hyde.

Sam Frost and Lisa Hyde
Well this year was a bit of a shambles, wasn't it? Image: Ten.

Although Sam Frost didn't end up with Blake Garvey (let's not relive that nonsense, shall we?), she won wearing a glittery silver dress while runner up Lisa wore black. Appropriate.

The Bachelor 2015 with Sam Wood – Snezana Markoski and Lana Jeavons-Fellows.

Snezana Markoski and Lana Jeavons-Fellows
Image: Ten.

We all knew Sam was going to pick Snez, but the dress theory also made it quite obvious – she wore white in the finale while Lana Jeavons-Fellows wore a dress with a slightly darker underlay.

The Bachelor 2016 with Richie Strahan – Alex Nation and Nikki Gogan.

alex nation nikki gogan

Oh God, the painful memory of Nikki being dumped by Richie still hurts. As per the theory, winner Alex wore a gold finale dress while Nikki looked stunning in red.

The Bachelor 2017 with Matt Johnson – Laura Byrne and Elise Stacy.

Laura Byrne and Elise Stacy
This one was a bit obvious, but the dress confirmed it. Image: Ten.

The theory struck again in 2017 when Matty J told winner Laura he loved her while she was wearing a white two-piece set. Runner up Elise was in a gold gown.

The Bachelor 2018 with Nick Cummins – Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman.

Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman.
AWKWARD. Image: Ten.

Oh. Um, just ignore this one.


There's a second Bachelor dress theory.

This one is a spin on Monique Friedlander’s Dress Theory – a gift bestowed upon us two years ago – that in the top three final shot, the winner always wears black. Because it's let us down once or twice, we're amending it to be: the winner always wears a different dress to the other two.

So, let's take a look at how this one stacks up.

The Bachelor 2013 final three: Anna, Rochelle and Ali Oetjen.

Anna, Rochelle and Ali Oetjen
Image: Ten.

In the final three rose ceremony, Ali and Rochelle both wore light-coloured dresses. And guess what? Anna Heinrich wore black. BOOM.

The Bachelor 2014 final three: Sam, Lisa and Louise Pillidge.

Sam, Lisa and Louise Pillidge
See the winner in black? Image: Ten.

Again, winner Sam wore a black dress in the finale three rose ceremony, while Louise and Lisa chose lavender and white gowns.

The Bachelor 2015 final three: Snezana, Lana and Sarah Mackay.

Snezana, Lana and Sarah Mackay
The one year the black theory didn't work. But THE SLEEVES. Image: Ten.

This is when the black dress theory fell short, but never mind because winner Snez was the only one wearing a dress with sleeves in the final three rose ceremony.

The Bachelor 2016 final three: Alex, Nikki and Olena Khamula.

Alex, Nikki and Olena Khamula
Alex Nation wore black, then won. Image: Ten.

AHA – we were back in business in the 2016 season. Alex Nation donned the important black dress and Nikki and Olena both wore a similar champagne colour.

The Bachelor 2017 final three:  Laura, Elise and Tara Pavlovic.

Laura, Elise and Tara Pavlovic
The black dress prevails. Image: Ten.

Again, winner Laura was wearing black in the final three rose ceremony.

The Bachelor 2018 final three: Britt, Sophie and Brooke Blurton.

Britt, Sophie and Brooke Blurton
Oh dear. Image: Ten.

Again, let's just ignore Honey Badger's season, yeah?

SO, if THIS theory of the winner wearing black or a strikingly different dress to the other girls in the final three rose ceremony is to be trusted, then the winner of The Bachelor 2019 will be....



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Who will have Matt's heart? It's the beginning of the end in Matt's journey to love. #TheBachelorAU finale begins tonight 7.30 on 10.

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Ah, crap. Guess we'll find out who wins tonight.

Who do you think will win The Bachelor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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