Celeb in 5: Monday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The Bachelorette’s Bill Goldsmith shares which man Ali is “clearly in love with”.

With the grande finale of this season’s The Bachelorette mere days away, it’s a race between mechanical plumber Bill, bank manager Taite and sales rep Todd. However, Bill has some rather vocal theories as to who will win.

And obviously, there are spoilers about to come your way, so read on at your own cost.

Speaking to NW Magazine, the 31-year-old was quite blunt with his predictions.

“Ali’s clearly in love with Taite,” he said, and could you not have kept this to yourself for another week???

“She’s pouring her heart out to Taite,” he continued, commenting on their emotional chemistry.

“When I saw her saying [all that stuff] to him, I was like ‘Holy s**t!'”

Watch The Bachelorette finale promo, and cast your bets as to who’s walking away with love.

Video by MMC

And whether Bill is actually just messing with us (in which case, rude), judging from the above teaser, it’s going to be a tear-jerker of a finale, with the 32-year-old appearing to be genuinely in love with the final two contestants.

Now who do you think she’ll choose? Your guess is as good as ours.

2. Bride & Prejudice’s Izzy has opened up about her bitter break up with Simon.

From day one, Bride and Prejudice viewers have sensed the relationship between Izzy and Simon was unlikely to last the distance.

They’re the most controversial and complicated of the show’s six couples; Simon has a documented drinking problem and has previously cheated on Izzy, and the two became engaged on the condition it would be an open marriage.

So it’s come as no surprise that tonight’s episode – judging by the trailer below – will see them break-up for good, much to the delight of Izzy’s mum Bobbi, who has not approved of Simon for many years.


Speaking to New Idea, 28-year-old model Izzy Vesey – who has reportedly been spotted without her engagement ring since the show stopped filming – has opened up about the “ugly breakup” with Simon Debono.

bride and prejudice couple breakup

"I completely cut him out of my life," she said.

"We're not talking and it's not a road I would ever entertain going back down."

She told the publication the reason for the split was "a lack of communication and dishonesty".

In the preview of tonight's episode above, Izzy can be heard telling Simon behind a closed door, "my mum was right about you. You are the devil," before storming out of the room.

Bride & Prejudice airs at 7.30pm tonight on Channel 7.

3. “I didn’t do it for the ratings.” Ali doesn’t care if you don’t like The Bachelorette.

Ali Oetjen's Bachelorette season has been as drama-filled as we could have hoped.


There's been fighting, there's been gossip, there have been alpacas, and there's been arguably one of the most controversial male contestants in Bachelorette history.

...It's also been the lowest-rating instalment of the series to date.

But does Ali care?


The 32-year-old from Adelaide - who is no stranger to the franchise having appeared on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise in the past - has addressed the low ratings in an interview this week.

Speaking to TV Week ahead of this Thursday's finale, she says she has "no regrets" about appearing on the show.

"When I finished filming, I had no regrets. I didn't do it for the ratings. I was happy I was myself and that I wasn't afraid to be myself," Ali explained.

Ali Bachelorette 2018

"When I entered the mansion, I had the mindset that I'd make the most of every moment and be in every moment," she said.

Like every Bachie season, rumours about the winner have been flying in thick and fast in the lead-up to the end.

While single women all over Australia secretly hope it's not fan favourite Todd, there have been many clues to suggest the Perth local is the one who wins Ali's heart.

...But because we love to have our emotions toyed with by the tabloids, there have been just as many clues that Taite is the one Ali chooses.


They also seem to have undeniable chemistry, if the romantic fluttery music that plays whenever Taite is on screen is anything to go by.

So we really, truly, have no idea who wins.

4. Why Lisa Wilkinson wasn’t invited to Karl Stefanovic’s upcoming wedding to Jasmine Yarbrough.

So in case you missed it, Karl Stefanvic is set to marry his fiance Jasmine Yarbrough in Mexico next month and his former Today show co-host Lisa Wilkinson will not be making an appearance.

The Project presenter confirmed as such to the Daily Telegraph’s Confidential, and the reason was simple - she wasn't invited.

To be fair, according to Sydney Morning Herald, neither will Karl's three children.

However, quoting an unnamed source - judge that nugget of information as you wish - New Idea report it all has to do with his guest list and their current standing relationship, which is professional, but not friendly.

"Karl knew she wouldn't come even if he asked her," they said.

"There is too much water under that bridge now and they both know it's too hard to come back from everything that's been said and done."


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Lunch today with this guy... @kstefanovic

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The source also alleged that given Karl is inviting his Channel Nine colleagues, including those responsible for the pay disparity dispute that saw Lisa leave the network, her presence would have "gone down like a lead balloon".


And to be fair, that particular encounter would have definitely made for some awkward small talk.

5.The Flemington racing fashion rule Mel Greig didn't know about until it was "too late".

Radio personality Mel Greig “popped her Birdcage cherry” last week when she attended Oaks Day, but there was something the Yahoo Lifestyle columnist accidentally skimped on.

You see, different race days have different fashion ‘rules’. Derby Day has a monochrome theme, Melbourne Cup Day is for “strong fashion statements” and Oaks Day is Ladies’ Day. It’s all about femininity – think pastels, florals and silky fabrics.

And with there being oh so many rules, Grieg accidentally broke one of them.


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“It’s also apparently frowned upon if you show too much boob or too much leg,” she wrote about the Oaks Day rule that should definitely not be a thing.

Cue: the mad dash around Melbourne.

Personally we think she looked absolutely fantastic, so screw the rules we say, but you can read all about what she had to say in our earlier article.