The biggest indicator of who you’ll marry? Your job, apparently.

Looks like psychics will be out of business, because there’s a new way to figure out exactly who we’ll marry – and it’s all to do with your job. So, forget about perfecting your date outfit, and ditch that list of hobbies on your online dating profile, because it seems that the love of your life is pre-determined according to your occupation.

We can thank US Census Bureau (USCB) data for this (via The Independent), which covered 3.5 million households for this useful info. Who knew that Cupid also doubled as a match-making careers consultant?

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Boringly, it seems that the place to meet your future husband or wife is at work. Perhaps it’s simply convenience – you can turn up at work for your paycheck and eternal love. There goes that rom-com cliche of bumping into the love of your life on the streets of New York. Just rock up at the work lunchroom instead. It’s easier.

Teachers are the biggest offenders when it comes to mixing work and play. The USCB data shows that female primary school teachers tend to marry their fellow primary or high school teachers. Male primary school teachers also get hitched to other teachers, or they may opt for one of the school admin staff. So, you were right when you suspected that your primary school teacher Miss Hall had the hots for Mr Rastogi – if you look them up on Facebook, they’re probably married now and have had children who will grow up to be teachers to marry more teachers, and then teachers will take over the world.


The trend of finding everlasting love in the workplace is common throughout many professions. Flight attendants, doctors, chefs, actors, lawyers, nurses and musicians all seem to tie the knot with their own kind. And why not? The couple who flies/operates/cooks/acts/practices/cares/performs together stays together, right?

There's a lot of love amongst teachers in the school corridors. Image via iStock.

So, if you are in one of those occupations and single, may we emphasise again that you do not need to join any online dating services or prop up your local bar in your search for love. You could even ask your boss to set you up with that hottie next to you. Actually, don’t do that. Just ask them out yourself.

Of course, there are always anomalies in data (that’s why people study statistics…right?!). It seems that there are some who (*gasp*) think outside the work cubicle when it comes to love.

Female dancers and choreographers like to enter into wedded bliss with male welding, soldering or brazing workers. Don’t worry guys, I can explain “brazing” to you, because I just Googled it and the job involves connecting bits of metal together. Also tying the knot with female dancers and choreographers are female lawyers and judges.


Should you be nifty with a pirouette or two, we suggest that you twirl your way into a workshop or law firm and get it on, yo!

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Male pilots tend to marry female teachers. Also romantically obsessed with teachers are men who are employed as CEOs, cops, sales and marketing managers and IT managers. What is it with teachers? As a former teacher, all I can say is that we are HOT. (Not really – maybe these guys just want want discounts on future kids’ school fees, and they want us to run errands during our lengthy holidays?)

Female customer service representatives get hitched with male truck drivers or female business operations specialists, proving that love cannot be contained by roads or phones.

Well, these findings simply prove what we’ve always known: that the time-tested method of asking Oujia board about your true love, or even reciting the alphabet while twisting off an apple stem to find the initial of your future husband/wife DOES NOT WORK. In the words of your grandparents, “go get a job”.

This post originally appeared on The Glow.

Where did you meet your partner? Would you date someone at work?