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We're calling it. Here's our definitive ranking of who is mostly likely to win The Bachelor.

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Warning… potential spoilers ahead. Continue at your own risk.

We’re down to the final seven Bachelorettes vying for the heart of Matt Agnew, and the competition is hotter than Osher’s palms before a Rose Ceremony.

Abbie Chatfield, Chelsie Mcleod, Elly Miles, Emma Roche, Helena Sauzier, Kristen Czyszek, and Sogand Mohtat, are the remaining women still in the competition, however we know who will win The Bachelor 2019.

Well… we think we do at least.

Mamamia meets The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew and we ask him some very important questions. Post continues after video.

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As primo fans, we’ve watched the series with an eagle eye, and distilled information from every episode, and spoiler into one comprehensive and definitive post, ranking the leftover contestants from seventh to first place.

Read em’ and weep.

7. Kristen Czyszek

For a woman who entered the mansion to the tunes of an oriental windpipe, while spouting random mandarin phrases, Kristen has done pretty well.

There’s obviously a connection between her and Matt, with innuendos (and occasional foot rubs) flying every time they meet, but we’re not sure if it surpasses his connection with the other girls.


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6. Sogand Mohtat

While Sogand was Matt’s first choice for a solo date, we haven’t seen their connection deepen since those initial episodes.

That’s okay though, because the 30-year-old chemical engineer probably feels that her energy is better spent sabotaging Abbie’s chances of winning the competition, than making sure she gets the final rose.

Look, it’s nice to have hobbies, and we admire her determination, and commitment to the #drama.


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5. Emma Roche

Due to photographic evidence courtesy of the Daily Mail (and basic TV comprehension skills), we have a pretty good idea of which Bachelorettes made it into the top five.

It’s taken viewers a while to see Emma and Matt’s relationship grow, however, it seems like the Irish fashion brand manager is the dark horse of the season.


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After her blindfolded date with Matt, where they fed each other chocolate cake and truffles, he was very vocal about their attraction.

“I thought there would be a connection, but I didn’t know how strongly and quickly it would develop,” he gushes.

“And the fact that Emma is so open and honest about what she wants only makes me like her more.”


Also, when compared to some of the other contestants, Emma and Matt are both 32, and at a similar life stage as each other, with the pair seeing marriage and children in their near future.

4. Helena Sauzier

Despite Helena’s limited air time, we know Matt is still interested in the 25-year-old health coach, because one: she’s still in the competition, and two: they pashed at last week’s cocktail party, leaving Matt with a decent case of the clown lips.



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Rumours of Helena possibly winning the competition were also in full force after Matt shared an Instagram post on a beach sunset, with the geotag indicating he was in Broome, Western Australia. And as the only 2019 contestant who hails from the state, fans immediately assumed he was there, visiting her.

But we know The Bachelor’s social media team are beyond making that rookie mistake.


3. Abbie Chatfield

Matt and Abbie are a 17/10 in passion, chemistry, and excessive make out sessions, but when it comes to their future outside of the mansion, we’re not sure if they’re meant to be.


While Matt is very set on his plans to get married and start a family within the next three to five years, Abbie seems less adamant with this life direction.

Although she told Matt she’s ready to “settle down,” the 23-year-old gave different answers when quizzed by fellow contestants, and Matt’s best friend, Kate.


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A thorough stalk of Abbie’s LinkedIn profile also revealed that she switched jobs in July 2019, taking a Brisbane-based, Sales and Marketing Coordinator role for the property and real estate firm, CBRE.

Alas, Matt lives in Melbourne, and seems pretty adamant on remaining in the Victorian city, a pretty definite clue he doesn’t end up with the 23-year-old.

2. Elly Miles

Kate loves Elly, Australia loves Elly, and she has the uncanny ability to use the word ‘streuth’ in every social setting, but this will also be her downfall.

We think the 24-year-old nurse will fall victim to the ‘Nikki Gogan effect’ from Season 4, in which the audience favourite is built up to win, and then just… doesn’t.


Despite their many successful dates, immediate attraction, and shared fire-twirling skills, we’re telling you now that Elly will get sent home, and our hearts will break in the process.


1. Chelsie Mcleod

There have been so many spoilers which hint at Chelsie’s victory, and we simply cannot ignore them.

Former contestant Cassandra Mamone gave Mamamia the inside gossip, telling us that Matt seems to favour blondes, and is particularly interested in finding somone who works in the same industry as him.

“Do I think I got booted off because I’m a brunette? [It’s] probably more that,” she said.

“I think he’s looking for someone that is in a similar industry to him maybe, [someone who’s] easy going. He’s just in general, a nice guy and he just wants a companion at this stage in his life,” she said.

And as a blonde chemical engineer, Chelsie ticks both boxes.



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Sportsbet have also tipped the 28-year-old to win the competition. In previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the betting site has been eerily accurate in predicting which contestant comes first, and their shared chemistry certainly backs this up.

Not only have they smeared cake ingredients all over each other’s face, and pashed approximately 58 times, let us not forget the first episode when Chelsie tattooed the chemical compound for love and attraction onto Matt’s heart.

Let’s just say the writing is literally on the (heart) wall.

Case closed.

Do you agree with our ranking? Who do you think will win this season of The Bachelor? Tell us in a comment below!

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