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Who will win Australian Survivor 2020 tonight? A very serious investigation.

Right now, Australian Survivor 2020 is the best reality show on TV.

In bad news for us, tonight is the finale. Finally, we’ll find out who will take home the title of Sole Survivor: David Genat, Moana Hope or Sharn Coombes.

Honestly, we don’t know what we’ll do with ourselves when it’s over.

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Considering how great this season has been, the question everyone’s wondering is: who will win Australian Survivor 2020?

While Sportsbet stats have been closed, international model Dave has been a favourite all along. But Barrister Sharn and AFLW star Moana are also in with great chances. And as the wise Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia always says, you never know what will happen in Survivor.

Here’s our ranking of who we think is most likely to win Australian Survivor: All Stars.

P.S. We’re not liable for any office sweepstake losses based on these predictions.

3. Sharn Coombes.


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When Sharn first played Survivor, she made it to the finale only to stumble at the last hurdle with her final pitch to the jury.

Although her 2020 game has been decent – Sharn has won a bunch of immunity challenges while also working with both alliances on the sly – you have to wonder… does anyone really trust Sharn enough not to vote her out? We’re not so sure.

If Dave wins the final immunity challenge, there’s a very good chance he’ll take Moana with him to the finale. But if Moana or Sharn wins, David will probably be voted out.

2. Moana Hope.


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MOANA. After pulling out of Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders from illness, we were so stoked to see her return this year.


Again, Moana is an excellent Survivor player and she’s done a brilliant job of shielding herself with other players (i.e. Dave) and orchestrating moves without getting her hands dirty.

If Dave doesn’t win the final immunity challenge, it’s likely Moana would win against Sharn in the finale. And if Dave does win the immunity challenge, he’d probably take Moana. In both scenarios, Moana makes the final two. But will she win?

1. David Genat.


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If we’re honest, everyone wants Dave a.k.a the Golden God to win Survivor, right?

And if he wins the final individual immunity challenge, he will 100 per cent take out the title of Sole Survivor.

His Survivor game has been next level. He’s a master manipulator, makes lots of big moves and provides us with the funniest piece to camera narrations of how stuff is going down on the island. Really, the guy deserves it just for being so bloody entertaining.

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