What Georgia Love's life would look like with each of her remaining bachelors.

Tomorrow night, one Georgia Love will make a fateful decision.

Well, technically she has already made up her mind on her one and only, but only on Thursday does Australia get the opportunity to be shocked/overjoyed/emotionally ruined.

We can imagine that while stuck in that mansion, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the now. Who does GLove feel most attracted to now? Who gives her the most butterflies now? Who can she imagine her life with now?

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But the REAL question is: what will life with that person be like in 10 years’ time?

Yes, G-Love. Have you thought about what you and Lee/Jake/Matty J will be doing in a decade’s time?

Don’t worry. We have done the thinking for you (just in case you haven’t).


First of all, life isn’t always going to be like this:


Let’s be real — Lee is probably still in recovery from that Dirty Dancing reenactment, and without a stunt person on hand all the time it could be extremely dangerous.

One thing you could guarantee from Lee is a constant stream of puns.

And after Georgia has heard his tenth consecutive pun by 8am and has stopped laughing, he will get pun-conscious and look at her through his glasses saying, “But I’m punny?”

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And G-Love will have to remind him that of course he is punny and she loves his puns. Even if she doesn’t.

We can imagine on their wedding day, Lee bringing along a donkey for lols and the whole time he’s just thinking:


On the bright side – the very bright side – the two of them will probably end up as ambassadors for Oral B. We can imagine their Friday nights being spent wearing those whitening mouthguards while tagging each other in funny memes on Facebook that they both giggle at.


Oh, and their children would be so attractive.


OK, so we’re all so mixed up about Jake. He makes Georgia feel all these lovely tingly things, but we can’t shake the idea he’ll always be trying to slightly outdo her.

Like, if Georgia were to come home and tell him she got a promotion he would say, “Yeah, well I got one last year.”

Or, if she got home at 11 pm after a terrible day and mentioned how stressful it was, Jake would be like, “WELL, I HAD A BAD DAY, TOO.”

We don’t want to paint Jake as a terrible person, however, because the two would undoubtedly be cooking with each three times a week. And who doesn’t love a man who cooks?


Matty J

We are not going to lie.

Matty J is the office favourite.




And you can see why.

Matty J would make G-Love laugh every single day and would beg to be a stay-at-home dad.

For every single holiday, he would write her a meaningful card, which would all be fun and games until it’s ‘National Hug A Tree Day’ and Matty J is still writing her a loved-up card about how she reminds him of a tree because she ‘stands out above the rest’ (and whatever other tree analogies he can think of).

Plus, you cannot go past Matty J’s sister, who is… a little intimidating.

But most of all, Matty J would love Georgia so much he already has a photo of their future baby as his screen saver.

Disclaimer: this is our complete non-expert opinion and we could obviously see Georgia Love living happily with any of them.