Who needs Foxtel when you can just buy one of these and play with it each evening after dinner!

Sometimes, I am immature. I can think of no other explanation for why this video made me laugh and why I thought I should share it with you. Disclaimer: Don’t play this if you’re at work (or, possibly, about to give birth). Trust me. Go home and play it.

Afterthought: they really should play this video to teenage girls. Then they’ll never want to have sex.

If you’re wondering WTF, here is some pertinent information about the plastic vagina:

“This brand new Simulator provides a platform for the teaching and
acquisition of many of the practical skills required for the successful
management of childbirth. It has been developed for multiple
professional training, in conjunction with midwives and obstetricians
from Southmead Hospital, Bristol (UK) and Gloucestershire Royal
Hospital (UK). It is an integral part of the PROMPT (PRactical
Obstetric Multi-Professional Training) course.

There! Now you know!

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