There's a chance nobody will be living in The Block's shiny new apartments.

In a weird twist of fate, there might be nobody living in those ~fancy~ apartments that drew mammoth profits on this year’s season of The Block.

Each of the five incredible renovations were sold to investors, many who live interstate, and liaised with buyers’ advocates on the finale so they didn’t have to attend the auctions themselves. (This is why you see the one person, for instance the infamous Frank, bid on multiple properties in one episode – they’re representing multiple clients.)

That leaves one question up in the air: who is going to be living in the now-famous building?

Tell us, Scott Cam. TELL US. (Image: Channel Nine/The Block)

While some of the anonymous buyers have suggested to Domain they will use the apartments as "lock and go" homes, it seems others may rent them out, or pursue an intriguing third option.

You see, one of this year's buyers happened to be part of the syndicate that purchased an apartment in last year's Blocktagon season, and what they did with it will bring a smile to every Block fan's face.

The group has actually put the South Yarra apartment up on AirBnB, and now for $495 a night you can get the ultimate Block experience.

A-yup! If you're prepared to dish out $$$, you can ACTUALLY STAY IN A BLOCK APARTMENT.

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So far, reviews of the luxury pad have been glowing.

"The Block apartment was sensational," wrote one fan, Aeson, in July. "An absolute class piece of accommodation that we were lucky enough to call home for a long weekend in Melbourne!"

Interest in the apartment has been overwhelming, so unfortunately for anyone looking to stay during their summer holiday, it's fully booked until mid-February.

While it's not yet clear if the same decision will be made for any of this season's apartments, you've gotta admit the option of vacaying in an apartment you saw be renovated on national television is pretty damn cool.