Sam Frost's warning for new Bachelorette Georgia Love.

The 2016 Bachelorette has officially been confirmed: It’s Georgia Love.

Mamamia reported Love was the chosen one yesterday, but Channel 10 only confirmed the badly kept secret overnight.

Now former Bachelorette Sam Frost has weighed in, telling 2DayFM listeners on Tuesday morning Love had her tick of approval. But it came with some words of warning.

“She [Georgia] looks so lovely and has a really lovely approachable nature about her,” she said.

But Frost told Love the nature of the show guaranteed she would fall victim to manipulation.

‘The biggest thing I can say to anyone doing this is make sure you look after your mental well-being because you’re manipulated,” she said.

“So many people have these opinions and everyone is saying x, y and z and you don’t know what to believe.”

Take a listen to Bachelor-aficionado Rosie Waterland on the newest Bachelorette. Post continues after audio.

“The only thing you can do is believe your intuition and believe in yourself because in this world and in filming and the media, the only person who has your best interest at heart is yourself.”

Frost warned Love the only person she could truly trust was herself.

“People always say they have your best interest and I am going to look after you but they don’t. You need to trust how you feel and believe in yourself,” she said.

Source: Instagram.

Co-host Rove McManus then asked Frost if she believes Love can find love on the show.

"Before doing it myself I would have thought what a load of rubbish but now, obviously madly in love, it works," she said.

Frost said it all came down to casting and the inclusion of princes over frogs.

"It can work you just have to make sure you don’t cast a whole lot of douche bags which I am sure they have," she said.

Source: Screenshot/Channel 10.

TV news anchor Love has resigned from her day job as a presenter on regional channel WIN to take part in the upcoming series.

The 27-year-old told The Daily Telegraph her decision to leave work was a sacrifice she had to make.

"Being on television for work and on television for this (The Bachelorette) just wouldn't have worked for either party so I've left my job," she said.

The former anchor said the quest for love is a new one as she has always put her career first.

"That makes the whole thing even scarier and exciting and more daunting because I've worked really hard my whole career to get to this point," she said.

"I've loved what I've done but this is how serious I am that I want to find somebody and I want to settle down that I've actually taken a step away from all of that."

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Love grew up in Melbourne and worked as a dance teacher and trapeze artist before pursuing her dreams of being a journalist.

New Idea interviewed one of Love's friends who said she was perfect for the role.

"Georgia’s been unlucky in love, but she’s a hopeless romantic," a friend told the magazine.

Watch as Love looks for love on Win News.