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We're calling it: Gorgi Coghlan is definitely the Monster on The Masked Singer Australia.

Warning: This post almost definitely contains spoilers for The Masked Singer Australia.


For three weeks now, Australians have been on the edge of their couches as they attempt to guess the identities of furry animals singing on a reality TV show. And no, it does not get old.

With only three masks left – Robot, Monster and Wolf – we’re down to the finals and the suspense is acute.

We’re almost certain that Robot is Cody Simpson and Wolf is Rob Mills.

But who is the Monster? We believe we have reason to assume it’s television presenter Gorgi Coghlan, who’s a regular host on The Project.

Watch: The Monster performs “All By Myself” on The Masked Singer Australia. Post continues after video. 

Video via Channel 10

Let us explain…

Who is the Monster on The Masked Singer Australia?

Here’s all the evidence that Gorgi Coghlan is the Monster on The Masked Singer Australia.

Clue: 31 was a game changer for Monster.

Evidence: Coghlan worked on community television station, Channel 31, in Melbourne.

Clue: “I’ve always loved horses and horses love this monster.”

Evidence: Coghlan is a horse rider, and often posts about them on her Instagram.

Clue: “I have trained in many things, but I changed horses in the middle of a stream.”

Evidence: Coghlan is a classically trained singer, journalist and horse-rider.

Clue: “Hear my words drifting on the air,” and, “I am more than the voice behind the panel.”

Evidence: She is regularly on live TV as a panelist and host for Channel 10’s The Project.

Clue: “I’m a little bit country and little bit glam.”

Evidence: Coghlan lives in Ballarat, Victoria, but works in Melbourne city for her job as regular co-host of The Project.

Clue: “Where I come from, people’s thoughts are always going for gold.”

Evidence: This could be interpreted as TV personalities going for the coveted Gold Logie.


Clue: “I once sang in the middle of the MCG for the AFL grand final.”

Evidence: In 2003, Gorgi Coghlan performed at the AFL Grand Final.

Paulini accidentally confirmed Monster’s identity.


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A post shared by PAULINI (@paulini_curuenavuli) on

During an interview after being unmasked as ‘Spider’, Paulini Curuenavuli seemingly confirmed that Gorgi Coghlan is the Monster.

While appearing on Newcastle radio station Hit106.9, Paulini was tricked into agreeing with the fan theory.

“I couldn’t believe that Gorgi Coghlan could sing. Could you believe that?” radio host Nick Gill said.

“I couldn’t either, I think that’s amazing!” Paulini responded. “I was actually blown away by a few of the celebs on the show.”

In a follow-up interview with The Masked Singer’s Dave Hughes, however, Paulini “swore on the Bible” that she didn’t know who the final three were.

“I actually have zero idea on who the remaining celebrities are,” Paulini said.

“I actually thought he [Gill] had said Deni… I was just saying ‘oh yeah, girl can sing’.”

… Right.

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