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Angie and Yvie have shared the real reason they decided to leave Gogglebox.

On Friday, it was announced that two of Australia’s favourite Gogglebox duosAngie and Yvie, and Tom and Wayne – have decided to leave the show.

After appearing in eight seasons of the series ever since it started in 2015, fans were “devastated” by the news, with some saying it felt like they were losing members of their own family.

But in an Instagram story posted on Sunday night, best friends Angie and Yvie shared the real reason behind their decision.

“We wanted to let everyone know the reason we left is because Angie doesn’t live in Sydney anymore,” Yvie said.

The 45-year-old explained that Angie, who is 17 years her junior, was commuting back and forth for the last season of Gogglebox, and ultimately it was too hard to maintain.

“It just became really, really hard to do the logistics of being there,” Yvie said. “Last season she was coming and going and it was just way too difficult, she couldn’t afford it.”


Angie told the pair’s followers that despite their decision, they both still “love Gogglebox”. 

“There’s no hard feelings there,” she said.

In an Instagram post on Friday, Angie and Yvie confirmed the news of their departure, writing, “we love our Gogglebox family very much… it’s not goodbye, it’s just see ya soon!”

They thanked fans of the show for their support, adding “us and our many rescue babies are so grateful for the love”.

Angie and Yvie won over Australian audiences with their humour and endearing friendship. The two met while performing at a Christmas promotion in a shopping centre, and have been best friends ever since.

Living in Sydney’s inner-west, Yvie shares her home with Tom, who has Down syndrome and type 1 diabetes. Both Yvie and Angie support Tom by helping him get involved in activities and daily responsibilities. The two were also known for having a number of rescue dogs – with up to eight in their home at any one time.

Let’s reflect on one of Gogglebox Australia’s most iconic moments.

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