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WE'RE CALLING IT: There's no way Ali is still with the winner of The Bachelorette.



I have a theory pls.

You see, today is the finale of The Bachelorette.

On tonight’s episode, Ali Oetjen will choose between Todd King and Taite Radley… and then they’ll live happily ever after.

Except… they won’t.

Ali is 100 per cent not with the man she chooses tonight.

I know this because I have evidence and facts and also wild theories that I just feel in my waters and I need to share them.

My very solid theory is that Ali chooses Taite tonight and that Taite is just not that keen. Now, three to six months later, they’re no longer together.

Lemme break it down for you:

1. Ali has NEVER said she’s found love on the show.

In all her media appearances, before and during the show, Ali has never confirmed whether she’s actually found love on the show. She’s always dodged the question or given vague answers.

When yours truly spoke to her on the day of the first episode, she told me she was “happy” and “at peace” and “singing in the promo” and then she started… singing.

But at no point did she say, “Yes I have found a lovely fella and we’re in the process of having 4984596 babies.”

This is… weird. In all the other seasons – except the Honey Badger’s – the bachelor/bachelorette has confirmed they did find someone on the show.


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2. There’s a lot of tears in the promo.

In the promo for the finale episode, Ali has quite a… cry.


There be tears, and heaving, and even some dramatic ground kneeling.

Assuming this is after she’s told the runner up they’re not the winner, this could be a sign that she’s chosen the wrong guy.

And if she’s chosen the wrong guy, she’s probably not still with him.

3. Ali is going to choose Taite and Taite is all like. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have sneaking suspicion that Ali is going to think with her vajayjay, and not her head or her heart.

She’s going to choose Taite because of his face… and also his body.

But Taite doesn’t…. care. Taite’s there for the Instagram followers, and also for the fun games, and he doesn’t understand why the blonde lady keeps talking about her feelings all the time.

So Taite is definitely not going to be in a relationship with Ali three to six months down the track.

4. The photographs.

In the last week some photos have emerged online.

One photo was of Taite working in a bank and looking like someone who’s definitely not living in Adelaide with his influencer girlfriend.

Another photo was of Taite and a man who looked suspiciously like Todd sitting together at Nadi International Airport in Fiji… where the second season of Bachelor in Paradise is currently being filmed.


So, sorry Osher. But Ali is definitely not still with the winner. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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