Whitney Port shares her ultimate shortcut for wedding planning.

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Her reality TV career wrapped up five years ago, but Whitney Port hasn’t struggled to keep herself busy.

The former star of The City has a clothing label, Whitney Eve, which is apparently coming out in Australia soon. She’s also in the midst of planning her wedding to former The City producer Tim Rosenman, after their engagement was announced earlier this year.

On top of that, Whitney is an ambassador for Priceline Pharmacy‘s Festival of Beauty, and teamed up with superstar makeup artist Rae Morris to create the key makeup looks for spring and summer this year. The Glow sat down with Whitney while she was in Sydney recently and we learned a few things…

Are there any cheapie beauty products you swear by?

“There’s so many. I think the Simple Makeup Remover wipes ($6.99) are amazing. I think all the Simple line is just amazing — the micellar water, that’s really good for toning and hydrating the skin. I’ve been a big proponent of the Lucas Papaw ointment ($5.99) for lips and also any dry areas on your skin. Also the Trilogy rosehip oil ($19.99), which can also be used on so many dry areas, and the Avene water spray ($20.79).”

What’s your biggest piece of advice for anyone who’s planning their wedding?

“I go to Pinterest before I even go to Google — I can find some really good advice from some really creative people. Right now I’m in the process of designing my invitations, and I’ve had a difficult time with the wording of everything. There’s so many different ways to say things; do you want to be playful with it, do you want to be really formal, do you want a mix of both? So I literally type in ‘wedding invite text’ and it gives me a million different options and I can use that as a reference; like utilising other people’s experience but making it your own.”

You’ve spoken before about the Hollywood body image pressures you’ve encountered. Has there ever been a moment where you said, ‘No, that’s enough’?

“It’s hard because I would be lying if I said I don’t pay attention to it. I think being healthy for me is the most important thing, and doing everything in moderation — not eating too much, not eating too little; not working out too much, not working out too little. But you can’t help but think about it. You just have to really keep everything in perspective… and realise these people who are going to say bad things about you don’t know you.


“I think body image issues have gotten better over the years. I remember the days of — I don’t want to to name names, but when celebrities were getting pin, pin, pin-thin, and I don’t feel like that’s the case anymore. I think that there’s such a focus on health and wellness and being strong now. (Post continues after gallery.)

What kind of bridal beauty look have you been considering?

“I think for me, on the wedding day it’s going to be a ‘less is more’ kind of thing. I think you just want to be in the moment and enjoying your day, not concerned about keeping up the colour of your lips. I mean, you’re crying — you don’t want to be fussing about your face all day!”

Whitney is an ambassador for Priceline Pharmacy's Festival of Beauty.

Do you ever experience negativity on Instagram? How do you deal with that?

"If people do make those comments, I guess I've gotten to a point where I'm just like, 'I don't know you, I don't really care. You don't know me'."

What's the hardest thing about being on reality TV?

"Being misunderstood. You'll see a clip of a show and it's maybe a 30-second clip, but the conversation that you had was an hour long, and they're taking little snippets and looks you made and creating a conversation that didn't actually exist. The hardest part is you're not in the editing room and you don't really have a say over how they edit out a conversation. You go, 'That's not how I reacted to that!' ... If I were ever to go on reality TV again, I would be an executive producer and be able to watch the cuts before they air, but if you're just starting out you have no control over that."

Are there any looks from your The Hills/The City days that make you cringe in hindsight?

"There's one that comes to mind - it was to a Hills finale party in New York and I wore this long plum-coloured dress with this flower crown that had these crazy streamers coming off it. I don't know know what I was thinking ... I think the flower crown alone may have been pretty at, like, Coachella five years ago, but not on the red carpet."

Were you a fan of The City? What was your favourite Whitney Port moment?

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