Every parent will recognise these two types of school lunches.

Most parents aren’t all that consistent when it comes to packing their child’s school lunch.

Parents are, after all, human beings who are vulnerable to stress and fatigue and forgetting to grocery shop.

While we’ve called this video Two Types of Lunch we’re not suggesting that parents fit equally into the left or the right.

More often than not it all starts off well on a Monday when the fruit is washed and cut, the sandwich neatly wrapped, the treat foods selected from the healthiest ones available.

But by Friday it’s all fallen in a heap.

That’s why Friday is the most common day for children to receive lunch orders in Australia.

Because that’s when the bread is old and the cupboards are bare and the fruit has rotten.

We’ve been both types of school lunch packers and while the one on the left may be more deserving of a medal, the one on the right definitely needs a cuddle.

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